The Most Haunted Places Near Denver

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Written by Nixza Gonzalez

Published: November 2, 2022

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Denver is known as the Mile High City, with urban hangout spots and beautiful outdoor adventures. Despite this beauty and urban sophistication, it is also a hotspot for ghost hunting and tours. All throughout Denver are haunted buildings, cemeteries, and places waiting for adventurers to visit and spook.

Listed below, we have the six most haunted places near Denver, with some fantastic facts and local folklore!

The Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel inspired famous writers like Steven King while he was working on 

The Stand


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Denver is filled with gut-wrenching stories, which may have led to a few spirits staying behind. The Stanley Hotel inspired famous writers like Steven King while he was working on The Stand. During his stay, King had a terrible nightmare, and when he awoke, he smoked a cigarette and had a rough outline of The Shining. However, long before Steven King stayed in room 217, strange things were reported there. For example, in 1911, the valley experienced a flood that shut off the power for the new hotel. The head chambermaid, Elizabeth Wilson, entered room 217 and caused an explosion!

However, she lived, and after recovering, came back to work. She stayed with the hotel until 1950. Although she did not pass away in the hotel, she cared for it a lot. Some people report feeling a cold presence in the room. They blame her spirit, who likes to tease and bother unmarried couples staying in the room together. The original hotel owner is also said to be haunting the hotel. For example, the piano plays by itself. However, this could also be his wife, Flora, who loved entertaining guests.

Even if no ghost exists in the hotel, it is still creepy. On-site, you can find a pet cemetery and a large cave system underneath the massive hotel. Strange, right? The hotel supervisors understand the allure of all things paranormal and offer a History Stanley Night Tour.

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Address: 333 E Wonderview Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517
Phone: (970) 586-3371

Molly Brown Hotel

Molly Brown Hotel

The Molly Brown Hotel’s name is the Colorado Hotel.

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Technically, the Molly Brown Hotel’s name is the Colorado Hotel. However, it is best known for a woman who spent a lot of time there, while also trying to make the world a better place. While I could bore you with all the details about the hotel, I think it’s best to discover the possible ghost that haunts her suite, Molly Brown.

Molly Brown is nicknamed ‘the unsinkable.’ She lived an interesting and diverse life but was born into poverty. Molly was a socialite and philanthropist who gained wealth with her husband, J. J. Brown. They separated calmly after traveling the world together but remained close friends. This strong woman boarded the Titanic and survived! Actually, while helping people on the lifeboat, she desperately tried to get the lifeboats to turn back around and save more people, but that wasn’t possible.

Brown threw lavish parties for other socialites but also tried to run for congress and unfortunately didn’t win. Still, a woman from her period running for any government position is inspiring. She passed away in her sleep in 1932. The suite was dedicated to her legacy and included beautiful decor and furniture in her preferred style.

Visitors that rent the room often hear her whispers and see things moved. One specific story states a couple was staying in her suite, and the wife opened the window to let some air in. The window closed, and an eerie voice whispered that drinking tea was a better idea.

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Address: 321 17th St, Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 297-3111

Central City Masonic Cemetery

Masonic Symbol

The Central City Masonic Cemetery is home to a lot of miners and their families that suffered from injuries and illnesses.

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About a 35-minute drive from Denver, and you will reach the Central City Masonic Cemetery. It looks like something that belongs to an old western movie. Although it may look overgrown and wild, it boasts a beautiful view of Central City, which was established in 1859. It’s an old mining town with a declining population. A lot of gold was found between Black Hawk and Central City, and over 10,000 people flocked to the small town in hopes of striking a fortune.

The cemetery is home to a lot of miners and their families that suffered from injuries and illnesses. A chilling but also sweet ghost story surrounding the Central City Masonic Cemetery is about John Cameron and the “Lady in Black.” Every year, according to urban legends, a lady in black weeps and visits John Cameron’s grave. No one knows who the lady is, nor the loved one she is visiting. Other than silhouettes and transparent ghosts, you may also catch floating orbs over the graves.

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Address: Black Hawk, CO 80422

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport, Building Exterior, Outdoors, Airport, Denver

The Denver International Airport has seen millions of travelers for decades.


Typically, most people don’t automatically assume their local airport is haunted, but it might be! The Denver International Airport has seen millions of travelers for decades; it’s understandable that a death or two have occurred on the land, leaving behind confused spirits. You might giggle at some theories and stories told by locals and supernatural fanatics.

Some people believe the airport houses underground bunkers for alien invasions. Others state the airport was built by Nazis or is the headquarters for the Illuminati. But is it haunted? Depends on who you ask! Visitors and travelers have caught strange orbs and shadows in their pictures with little explanation. While it could be a smudge, who’s to say it isn’t something more otherworldly?

Next time you fly through this large airport, take some time to walk around and look for strange happenings. Maybe you will find the secret underground tunnels conspiracy theorists rave about!

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Address: 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249
Phone: (303) 342-2000

The Oxford Hotel

Oxford Hotel

The Oxford Hotel is the oldest boutique hotel in Denver.

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Are you surprised to see another hotel on our list of the most haunted places near Denver? The Oxford Hotel is the oldest boutique hotel in Denver. It is at least 123 years old and still operating. This old hotel is filled with chilling stories that will leave you wanting to know more or running away from the thought of spending a night.

Supposedly, hotel room 320 is haunted by a crazed young woman who killed her lover. According to local stories, Florence Montague shot and killed her lover in room 320 before killing herself. Now she harasses single men staying in her hotel room. The Cruise Bar also has a resident ghost, a postman who wanders around the bar in uniform. Bartenders hear the old man’s spirit say, “the children, I have to get the gifts to the children” while ordering a beer. When they turn around, he is gone, and the beer is full.

While the hotel does not offer official ghost tours, you can always stay a night and do your own paranormal investigations.

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Address: 1600 17th St, Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 628-5400

Byers-Evans House Museum

Byers-Evans House Museum

The Byers-Evans house was built by William Byers in 1883.

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Denver, Colorado, was home to a lot of miners back in the day. They have seen a lot of changes in a short amount of time. William Byers, the founder of the Rocky Mountain News, built the home in 1883. However, he sold the Italian-style home to William Gray Evans in 1889. William lived with his wife, Cornelia Lunt Gray, and their four children. Evan’s family members continued living in the home until 1981. While the new owners restored the home, it contains 90% of the same furniture and accessories.

Taking a step into the house feels like going back in time, but it is well worth it. Although it is a museum, there are some paranormal stories pointing to the remaining Byers and Evans family members. Doors sometimes open and close on their own. Lights will flicker, and objects fall loudly to the ground. The museum staff often see full-body apparitions and hear sounds coming from empty rooms; however, they stay quiet about their experiences.

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Address: 1310 Bannock St, Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303) 620-4933

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