The Most Haunted Places Near Indianapolis

Written by Marisa Wilson
Updated: October 28, 2022
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The leaves are dying, and the grass is losing its green. Everything is changing colors because of the season. While the plants are preparing for the spooky season, you might also be. You may have decorations put out or be ready to tell ghost stories around a fire. Some people like to seek adventure at this time of year. You can visit several places around Indiana that can give you classic goosebumps. 

Some of the stories on this list will be interesting to see, but a few things are only for the brave people who can handle a good scare. How does visiting a gate to hell sound? Or a house full of evil spirits? There are some less scary ones on the list if you are the type of person who is afraid of movies like Chucky, however. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and try not to get chills as you read about the most haunted places in Indianapolis.

The Story Inn

Located in the city of Nashville, just over an hour outside of Indianapolis, the Story Inn is said to be among the most haunted locations in Indiana. According to the current owner, he was skeptical when he first took over the operation. Most guestrooms had one guestbook each, among the first things he observed. He was quite astonished to learn that each guestbook records the visitors’ ghostly experiences. 

The room above the inn’s restaurant had the most substantial evidence of paranormal activity. Over the years, it has become customary to leave guest books in the inn’s rooms. When the books are complete, they are stored in the attic, where staff members replace them with brand-new books. The “Blue Lady” is one of the tales that hotel guests and staff hear the most. She is thought to be the ghost of Dr. George Story’s wife. The area where the Blue Lady is frequently seen was formerly known as the Garden Room. 

It has since been renamed in honor of one of its regular visitors. People think the Blue Lady would emerge in the room if a blue light was turned on. The Blue Lady has, on occasion, though, manifested by herself. She is said to have blue eyes and a knack for leaving behind blue-colored objects. Others claimed to have smelled cherry tobacco, the Blue Lady’s preferred brand when she was still alive.

The Story Inn
The Story Inn is said to be among the most haunted locations in Indiana attracting those who wish to see the ghost known as the Blue Lady.

©Chris Watson, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons – License

French Lick Springs Hotel

The enormous French Lick Springs Hotel is tucked away in the small tourist community of French Lick, roughly 2 hours away from Indianapolis. This storied hotel, built in 1845, is the jewel in the crown of this southern Indiana community, but there’s more to this hotel than meets the eye. The French Lick Springs Hotel successfully blends historical magnificence with contemporary elegance, maintaining Thomas Taggart’s original vision for this resort. 

According to local lore, Taggart, the hotel’s first owner in the middle of the 1800s, has never actually left the building. Even though Taggart passed away in 1916, reports of his sightings continue. Both visitors and hotel staff frequently experience unusual and ghostly activities, which they think is the result of Taggart himself. There are two common locations where Taggart can be detected. However, accounts vary from person to person. Many people saw him standing beside the service elevator, where they could smell pipe smoke strongly, and occasionally they even saw his ghost. He is said to use the elevator when the hotel is bustling. 

Others claim to have seen his spirit making noise inside the ballroom and galloping down the hall on horseback. Many people don’t experience his ghost simultaneously as hearing noises, while others do. There are reports of a former bellhop hanging around the hotel in addition to a firm belief in Taggart’s spirit. When they encountered him, many people thought he was a living employee until they noticed old pictures of him displayed on the wall or learned there were no bellhops on duty.

The French Lick Springs Hotel at night.
Staff and guests at the French Lick Springs Hotel have reported ghostly appearances by the hotel’s former owner Taggart.

©Upstateherd, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons – License

Hell’s Gate

Another of the most haunted places near Indianapolis can be found in the city of Brazil where many people have asserted is the location of Hell’s Gate. There are rumors that the Wabash Valley region contains seven distinct gates. According to local lore, a train derailed from the top of the gate, killing every person on board. These unlucky people were allegedly consigned to hell. They are plagued by paranormal activity, like many places like these. 

The nighttime seems to be when the ghosts are most active in this place. It is generally accepted that the witching hour occurs at about midnight. The railroad tracks positioned above the tunnel are where the wailing of restless souls can be heard. Some people also reported hearing chants rising from the woods. These individuals keep attempting to get in touch with the dead people who passed away here. The atmosphere is ominous over the entire area. 

Many sightings and legends concerning this location have occurred at night. However, other people have asserted that ghosts can also be seen during the day. A fallen spirit is said to greet visitors when they arrive and typically appears 30 minutes after they enter the bridge itself. This guardian spirit, who is rumored to stand 7 feet tall, screams as it pursues you underneath the bridge. It is alleged that occult rituals occur here, including dark arts in human and animal sacrifices. Leading members have a reputation for speaking loud in the dark.

The Story Inn
The Story Inn is said to be among the most haunted locations in Indiana attracting those who wish to see the ghost known as the Blue Lady.

©Chris Watson, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons – License

Demon House

Latoya Ammon and her family relocated to a white rental home on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana, in November 2011. Yes (Gary), the place formerly regarded as America’s murder capital. The family experienced poltergeist activity after relocating with her mother and kids. It wasn’t until March 2012 that what seemed strange started to feel dreadful. Around two in the morning one night, relatives and friends assembled at the Demon House to grieve the loss of a loved one. Ammons claims that when she checked on her children, she saw her daughter, age 12, hovering above the bed. Without any delay, everybody gathered around the girl and started praying until she collapsed back into the bed.

Ammons then went in search of assistance. Her children, she claims, were speaking in tongues, had bloodshot eyes, and were grinning sinisterly. One kid claimed that she constantly felt choked. To communicate with a boy nobody had seen, her youngest boy would hide in his closet. Around April, Ammons decided to give up and went to the doctor. During the appointment, the two boys cursed the staff members with devilish cries. According to a police and Department of Child Services investigation, one of the boys miraculously hurled up against a wall. 

After the event, the boys proceeded to faint and were later taken to the hospital. This was when everything started to spiral out of control.  The younger boy started headbutting his brother in the stomach while continuing to snarl and threaten to kill him. After the horrifying act, he is said to have gone backward, climbed a wall, reached the ceiling, and flipped over to fall on his feet. Ammons underwent a psychological examination at this time, and the kids were screened for any indications of abuse. Nothing was discovered, which shocked everyone.


This list of the most haunted places near Indianapolis can suit just about everyone’s level of curiosity. While some stories seem outrageous, others are entertaining or terrifying. It all depends on what sounds fun to you. Some would love to see a ghost figure riding in on a horse, while others may like a more subtle scare, such as footsteps. Where will you go for a thrill? Can you handle Hells Gate or the Demon House? There is only one way to know for sure. Check out other haunted places down below and see if there is another story that catches your attention. 

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