The 2 Most Insane Videos of Jaguars Attacking Alligators

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: January 31, 2023
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Jaguars are big cats with spots that are often mistaken for leopards. However, if you have a trained eye, you can spot the difference between the two. Jaguars tend to have fuller bodies compared to some of their big cat counterparts, but they are smaller than tigers and lions. This is the type of cat that doesn’t fear water — they’re excellent swimmers.

In the clips below, you see how chunky they are, how they move with incredible speed and don’t shy away from muddy waters to capture their alligator prey. Once they bite, their prey doesn’t stand a chance. They have the most powerful bite compared to all other big cats that exist throughout the world.

Where do Jaguars Live?

Although they previously roamed in southwestern regions of the United States and into the northern region of Argentina, the majority population of jaguars today is in Brazil. There are just over 170,000 known jaguars in the world left, and about half of those inhabit the Amazon rainforest and the Pantanal.

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In this first clip, a jaguar immediately pounces on an unsuspecting alligator that’s about as big as the jaguar itself. Completely unfazed, the jaguar grabs it from behind the head and waddles away with its meal dragging next to its legs.

Watch this jaguar hunt an alligator that matches its size!

Do Jaguars Regularly Eat Alligators?

Jaguars do not have a delicate palate — they are opportunistic and eat a variety of prey, from deer and iguanas to full-on predators like alligators. They hunt both during the day and the night, traveling about six miles a day to hunt, and feed.

With their powerful bites and sharp teeth, it’s easy for them to crunch through the hard exterior of alligators. They can even get through a turtle’s hard shell with ease. Their preferred method of killing is a bite to the back of the head of the animal they’re hunting.

Their tongues, just like house cats, are covered with papillae (tiny, sharp bumps). As they eat, they use their tongues as tiny razors that scrape the meat, separating it from the animal’s bones. However, they don’t just enjoy the meat. They’ll chomp through bones too!

In this second clip, you watch a jaguar as it emerges from muddy water with an alligator in its mouth. It has, yet again, gone for the back of the alligator’s head, and with a single chomp, the alligator is at the point of no return.

With the signature bite to the back of the head, this jaguar emerges from the water with an alligator in its mouth.

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The Jaguar is a large and muscular animal that has a heavier and sturdier body than that of a Leopard.
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