The Most Sprawling College Campus in Nevada Is Basically Its Own City

Written by Niccoy Walker
Updated: October 7, 2023
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College campuses range in size all over the country, from just a couple of city blocks to nearly 30,000 acres. Not only will you find residence and lecture halls, but large campuses provide dining options, recreational facilities, and relaxing parks. Nevada is no exception. This Southwest state has multiple large universities by both student body and land area. Check out the most sprawling college campus in Nevada and learn about its amenities, history, and campus wildlife.  

What is the Largest College in Nevada by Land Size?

NSU is the largest college campus in Nevada by land size

With a campus size of 511 acres, Nevada State University is the largest college campus in Nevada by land size. This sprawling campus is still growing to meet the increasing student population of more than 7,200 students. In fact, NSU was recently known as Nevada State College, but after adding a master’s program, this institute of higher education changed its name to reflect the improved status.

Nevada State University conveyed the more than 500-acre site in November 2002 and opened its first permanent building, the Liberal Arts & Sciences Building, in 2008. It is 42,000 square feet and features seven classrooms with SMART technologies, labs, and faculty offices. 

The campus also contains:

  • The Bob and Allison Kasner Academic Building
  • James E. and Beverly Roger’s Student Center
  • Christenson Education Building
  • Student Village (dorm buildings)
  • J. Russell and Carol Raker Student Success Center (financial aid and student advising)

The university has a master plan that includes the development of around six million square feet of residential, academic, and retail space. The plan is to accommodate an eventual 30,000 students.  

About Nevada State University

Located in the southern foothills of Henderson, Nevada, a growing suburb of Las Vegas, Nevada State University originally opened in September 2002 as Nevada’s first state college. NSU offers many bachelor’s degree programs and one Master’s degree, and its focus is on quality and affordable education.

The university offers smaller classrooms with 40 students or less and features open community spaces focused on sustainability, such as the addition of solar panels and an organic teaching garden that contributes to the student cafe. 

Students attend academic programs in one of three schools: the School of Education, the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and the School of Nursing. NSU is also responsible for launching the state’s first bachelor’s degree in the education of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Where is NSU Located? All About Henderson, Nevada

Beautiful landscape around Cetnre Park of Henderson at Nevada

NSU is in Henderson at the base of the McCullough Mountains

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Nevada State University is in the southeast corner of Henderson, near the base of the McCullough Mountain range. Henderson is a suburban city with more than 320,000 people near Las Vegas. It’s located in Clark County and features Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam to its east and the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area to the southwest.

Henderson is one of the fastest-growing areas of Nevada and is regularly ranked as one of the best places to live. Residents and visitors will find a convenient location to The Strip, abundant outdoor recreation, a vibrant art scene, and plenty of dining and entertainment.

The university is near the base of the mountains and features stunning views of the harsh and rugged landscape. Nearby, you’ll find hiking trails and parks with tennis, baseball, and basketball courts.  

Notable Features of the NSU Campus

Study in Nevada. USA state. US education concept. Learn America concept.

Nevada State University has many great academic resources

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With a master plan for accommodating a large student base and a newly minted university status, NSU is a growing educational institute in the Southeast Las Vegas metropolitan area. It has the makings of a great university that focuses on technology-rich learning opportunities.

Along with a central and thriving location in Henderson, students have access to modern student housing and transportation to and from campus. NSU also has many academic resources to help combat the challenges college students face. These resources include a library, bookstore, tutoring center, disability resource center, wellness services, career services, and a writing center. Additionally, students will find a student center, a heritage center, and a coffee shop. Nevada State University Student Housing features an exercise room, study areas, an outdoor pool, and a volleyball court.  

Wildlife and Plant Life on NSU Campus

NSU offers a stunning and historic backdrop for its students and faculty. Along with rugged mountains and wide open spaces, the scenery consists of dispersed palm trees, various cacti, desert willows, and scrub. Because of its proximity to the mountains, you are likely to see some wildlife, such as coyotes, foxes, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, bobcats, hawks, roadrunners, and possibly even desert bighorn sheep.

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