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The New A-Z Animals Website!

The New A-Z Animals Website!

5th January 2017
You may have noticed we have updated the A-Z Animals website.

For those of you using computers/laptops, the changes are subtle and you should only notice a cleaner design, and faster loading times. For those of you using mobile devices and tablets, you should notice a huge difference as the A-Z Animals website is now mobile friendly!

We've done a lot of work to make sure the A-Z Animals website works beautifully on all mobile devices, but if you do notice any issues when using your mobile device please let us know by commenting below, or by contacting us.

Animal Locations
We have introduced a new map across all of our animal articles which allows us to specify each country where an animal can be found, rather than complete continents as before.

To compliment the new maps we have improved the Animals by Location section to provide animals listings for each country, allowing you to quickly find which animals can be found in each country.

Quiz High Scores
Those of you who enjoy our quizzes will be excited to see we have added a 'High Scores' board. Colin the Cow will now award you with a score based on your correct answers and the time taken to complete the quiz, and if your score is high enough it will be included in the high scores board.

Online Privacy
The new A-Z Animals website has been designed with online safety as a top priority. When submitting comments we now ask that you provide a nickname which can not be used to identify you, rather than providing your name. We will also no longer set cookies in your web browser unless you use the Phobia Filter, and we have developed a range of privacy policies to clearly outline how we handle your data, and how the A-Z Animals website is moderated.

Report Advertising
To compliment our online privacy policies we have implemented a new 'Report Ad' feature which allows you to report advertisements which you see on the A-Z Animals website which you feel are inappropriate, for whatever reason.

Online Safety
As part of our commitment to online safety, A-Z Animals has launched the Are you Safe? campaign to help children get relevant help and advice if they experience issues which upset them, both on and offline.

This campaign we will be explained in detail in our next blog article.

Removed Features
Several features have been removed from the A-Z Animals website such as the 'Contribute', 'Donate' and 'Remove Ads' features, these have been removed because they have proven unpopular and redundant.

The article 'Listen' feature has also been removed, we are very interested to hear if you found this feature useful and would like to see it returned, if so please let us know by commenting below, or by contacting us.

Thank you for visiting A-Z-Animals.com!
We hope you enjoy the new A-Z Animals website, if you have any comments or feedback please let us know by commenting below, or by contacting us.