The 10 Safest Countries in Asia

The Singapore Flyer, a large Ferris Wheel in Singapore is visible against a cityscape across an expanse of water.
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Written by Niccoy Walker

Published: September 21, 2023

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Asia is a breathtaking continent with diverse people, topography, and many countries worth visiting. But if you’ve ever traveled internationally or moved to a new country, you probably know the risks involved with safety and ease of travel. While Europe and Australia tend to rank higher than Asia for safety, this continent has many countries that have worked hard to create a peaceful atmosphere for residents and travelers. Check out these top 10 safest countries in Asia based on crime rates, political unrest, and natural disasters.

1. Singapore

Singapore skyline at night

Singapore is the safest country in Asia.

Not only is Singapore the safest country in Asia, but it is also one of the safest countries in the world. This beautiful country has very little threat of natural disasters or political unrest. It also has a strict law enforcement system, including extremely harsh punishments, that keeps the crime rate low compared to other developed nations. Singapore law enforcement officers also regularly patrol crowded spaces to keep crime down. 

2. Japan

Kyoto, Japan in Spring

Japan places value on social harmony and avoiding conflict.

The Japanese are well known for their value of social harmony and their striving to avoid conflict. This peaceful way of life is clearly visible throughout the country. Japan focuses on crime prevention and looks to eliminate easy targets for would-be criminals, such as placing ATMs in lockable booths and having more than one person working 24-hour stores. Japan has a very low crime rate and almost non-existent gun-related crimes.

3. Malaysia

Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Malaysia is spared severe natural disasters.

Much like Singapore, Malaysia has a low crime rate due to harsh punishments and strict enforcement of the law. Most of the citizens are law-abiding and people can walk around and feel safe where they live and visit. While the country can experience some adverse weather, Malaysia is typically spared severe natural disasters.

4. Bhutan

View of Taktshang Monastery on the mountain

The Taktshang Monastery is on a mountain in Paro, Bhutan.

With an emphasis on compassion and non-violent conflict resolution, the people of this country make Bhutan one of the safest in the world. Bhutan has a low crime rate, especially violent crimes. Even petty crime is rare in the country. While car accidents are fairly common in Bhutan, the country features traffic wardens to keep the roads peaceful.

5. Qatar

The Flag of Qatar is flown prominently in many public places, including on boats.

Qatar has a heavy police presence and a focus on public safety.

The Middle Eastern country of Qatar features world-class infrastructure and a focus on public safety. There is a heavy police presence throughout the country, especially in crowded areas, and it’s generally safe for all people, including foreigners. While petty crimes like pickpocketing can happen, they are rare. Qataris are also very welcoming and known for their hospitality.

6. Taiwan

night scene of Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan has low instances of petty and violent crimes.

Compared to many other countries, Taiwan has low instances of petty and violent crimes. The country’s government commits to maintaining law and order, including enforcement of the law. If you’re worried about walking down dark alleys at night, think again. Taiwan has a 24-hour eating culture, and most streets are crowded and safe throughout the night.

7. Kuwait

Countries with No Rivers - Kuwait

Kuwait is a peaceful country for travelers.

Located in Southwest Asia on the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is a country with very low crime rates, violent crimes, especially, are almost non-existent. The chances of foreigners being attacked or targeted are highly unlikely. While you should avoid some areas near Iraq due to civil unrest, most of the country is peaceful for travelers.

8. Mongolia

Mongolia has friendly residents and a peaceful culture.

Even during the collapse of its revolution and the collapse of a communist regime, Mongolia remained peaceful. Mongolians are friendly and proud people who are generally willing to help. Along with its overall culture, Mongolia and its capital city is safe for residents and travelers. While you should exercise caution no matter what country you visit, Mongolia is one of the safest countries in Asia. 

9. South Korea

Aerial View of Jeonju Hanok Village Traditional Korean Town, Jeonju, Jeonbuk, South Korea, Asia

South Korea has low levels of violent crimes.

While South Korea is prone to natural disasters, this country makes up for its safety in other ways. It is a very safe country for travelers due to its low crime rates. Gun possession is also highly illegal in South Korea, and violent street crimes are rare. However, you should still exercise caution with petty crime offenses like theft.

10. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the safest countries in Asia.

With beautiful scenery and friendly, accommodating locals, Vietnam is a favorite place for traveling in Asia. The crime rate in Vietnam is relatively low, especially for tourists. However, petty theft can still be common in crowded areas. And you must exercise caution during typhoon season. 

A Recap of the Top 10 Safest Countries in Asia

RankSafest Countries in Asia
#9South Korea

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