The 6 Snowiest Places in Victoria

Written by Alyssa Shea
Updated: November 15, 2023
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Though spring has fully sprung in Victoria, Australia, you can still plan ahead for your winter activities next year! Victoria hugs the eastern tip of Australia’s east coast and experiences many different types of climates across the state. The capital of Melbourne is a lively and flourishing city that plenty of people head to for both tourism and permanent relocation. In Victoria, you can expect snow to fall between June and August, and the average annual snowfall is around 65 inches. Let’s take a look at the best spots to find snow in Victoria, Australia!

1. Mt. Hotham

Mt Hotham in Winter

Mt. Hotham is 1,862 meters tall.

©FiledIMAGE/iStock via Getty Images

If you’re looking for a spot with the most reliable snow cover each year, you should visit Mt. Hotham. Located in the Victorian Alps, Mt. Hotham is about a five-hour drive from Melbourne. This spot gets an average of sixty-one inches of snow per year! It’s also the highest alpine village in Australia and is often called the “Powder Capital.” You will surely see skis, snowboards, toboggans, and sleds on these slopes! Even guided tours for more experienced skiers let you explore Hotham’s backcountry. Another interesting fact is that this ski resort is the only one in Australia with its village at the top of the mountain!

2. Falls Creek

Dry trees on top of rolling hills in Australian Alps, Victoria, Australia

Falls Creek is located in the Alpine National Park of the Victorian Alps.

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You’ll find the next snowiest place on our list in northeastern Victoria. Regarding precipitation, you’ll find about fifty-seven inches of snowfall per year in this area, so you’re sure to have some snowy fun! Falls Creek Alpine Resort is famous for being beginner-friendly. The most difficult slopes are said to be for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. The cross-country ski center is a big draw for snow sports lovers—many nightclubs and restaurants round out the thousands of beds available in this beautiful resort.

3. Mt. Buller

Mt Buller During Winter in Australia

There are over 300 hectares of skiable terrain on Mt. Buller.

©FiledIMAGE/iStock via Getty Images

At only a 3 to 4-hour drive to Melbourne, Mt. Buller is a popular spot for those who love the snow. There are beginner runs for those just starting skiing and black runs for experts. One of the biggest draws is the picturesque village at the heart of the mountain. You can easily find bus and coach options to pick up and drop off guests at the village. Ski slopes and terrain parks draw outdoor enthusiasts, while bike trails and footpaths crisscross the area. Restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and a post office can also be found here! You can expect to see an average of forty-eight inches of snowfall per year here.

4. Lake Mountain

Devastated flora and fauna on theroad to Lake Mountain ski resort after 2009 Black Saturday bushfires near Marysville, Victoria, Australia

The bushfires in February of 2009 burnt much of the forested area.


Lake Mountain is the right choice if you’re looking for the most popular cross-country ski resort. It’s only 75 miles from Melbourne, so it’s an easy ride for a quick, fun trip in the winter season. Did you know that forty-three inches of snowfall here annually? Families head here to enjoy toboggan runs and two main runs but mostly come to the area for cross-country skiing. Unfortunately, you can’t snowboard on these mountains. Also, if you’re hoping to find a lake in the area, you might be surprised to find out that there isn’t a single one nearby! This resort is named after George Lake, who was the Surveyor-General of the area.

5. Mt. Baw Baw

Mt Baw Baw summit walk

There are six lifts and 13 ski and snowboard runs to choose from.

©Kelsie Gannan/

Did you know that the name Baw Baw has aboriginal origins and means “echo?” Twenty-six inches of snow pepper the area yearly, creating plenty of wintertime fun! Most think that the very first person to ascend Baw Baw was Baron Ferdinand von Mueller in 1860. Its proximity to the Baw Baw National Park means the area is plenty busy, even in the summertime. It’s just a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Melbourne, so plenty of families and young folk head here for snowtime fun! Baw Baw is very affordable, and its sheltered slopes are famous for a reason!

6. Dinner Plain

The entrance area to Dinner Plain in Victoria, Australia with a stone sign in snowy winter

Dinner Plain is just a 10-minute drive from Mount Hotham!

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Are you ready for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, or sled dog tours? Check out Dinner Plain on the Great Alpine Road! Seventeen inches of snow falls on this area and the surrounding Alpine National Park. Did you know that you can enter this resort for free? It’s also incredibly dog-friendly! It’s about a 5-hour drive from Melbourne, so make sure you plan ahead for this trip. The name of this area has some interesting origins, too. A road crossing the Alps from Omeo to Bright was laid in 1883, and weekly, horse-drawn coaches would stop midday for a meal at Dinner Plain!

Summary of the 6 Snowiest Places in Victoria

RankAverage Yearly SnowfallPlace
161 inchesMt. Hotham
257 inchesFalls Creek
348 inchesMt. Buller
443 inchesLake Mountain
526 inchesMt. Baw Baw
617 inchesDinner Plain

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