The Water Explodes With… Something… As Soon as This Guy Throws Water In

Written by Sarah Psaradelis
Updated: February 24, 2023
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There can be many creatures lurking below a lake that you cannot see, but they can surface with the slightest disturbance. In a TikTok video, you can see a man throwing a bucket full of water into the lake that disturbs something in the water a few seconds later.

It appears to be a freshwater lake with lily pads and a white boat is seen docked off in the distance close to where the creatures emerged. Once the guy throws the small pink bucket full of water into the lake, the large creatures in the lake broke the surface and caused a splash which startled viewers. The creatures that disturbed the lake’s surface remain a mystery, however, commenters on the video had a few theories.

Some people believed that it was possibly a big fish like the Asian carp or bluegill, while others said it could be a manatee. The owner of the video didn’t specify what the creature was, but the bucket of water disturbed the creature.

We do know that the creatures in the video were quite large due to the size of the splashes, and it is unlikely that this was caused by fish. There’s no doubt that we never truly know what is in the water we swim or fish in, which is why seeing such big splashes in the water can be scary.

West Indian Manatee in Crystal River
Some people believed that it was possibly a big fish like the Asian carp or bluegill, while others said it could be a manatee.

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The Manatee

Manatees seem to be the most possible explanation for the large splash in the lake, especially since manatees can easily get startled in lakes because they are sensitive to vibrations in the water. Manatees are also considered highly sensitive animals, so even the slightest human action can cause stress for these creatures.

Therefore, the man throwing the bucket of water onto the surface to disturb the lake is controversial to many people who viewed the video, because there are certain laws in place for lakes that make it illegal to harass, capture, hunt, or kill any endangered animals.

The Manatee is considered endangered and vulnerable to extinction, especially in Florida where most of the deaths of adult manatees are caused by human activities. If the creatures in the video were indeed caused by manatees, it is recommended to leave them in peace.

Some viewers disagreed that manatees could be in the lake because it was freshwater, however, manatees can inhabit both freshwater and marine environments because they are able to adapt to different environments.

These are considered peaceful herbivorous creatures, so aside from their large size being startling, they are quite gentle animals.

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