The World’s 10 Favorite & Most Popular Animals in 2024

Favorite and Most Popular Animals
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Updated: October 12, 2023

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We have a natural affection for animals. Animals bring out our compassion and curiosity. It’s why zoos and expeditions are so popular. It seems we can’t get enough of our favorite animals.

What follows is a list of the world’s 10 favorite and most popular animals alongside fun facts and cool information about why we love them so much.

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Infographic of the 10 Favorite and Most Popular Animals in the World
Dogs are the most popular animals and considered man’s best friend.

#10 Monkeys

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Monkeys

Monkeys’ behavior and intelligence bring them close to humankind.

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What is it about monkeys we love so much that makes them one of our favorite animals?

Studies show the human creature is almost indistinguishable from the monkey. Over 95 percent of our DNA is identical. They shake their heads “no.” Unlike the majority of popular animals, monkeys recognize their mirror reflections. They use hand gestures and laugh when tickled. Monkeys have smoked cigarettes, drank coffee, and eaten when stressed.

As their behavior and intelligence bring them so close to humankind, monkeys are a go-to for behavioral studies of humans. They’re equipped to be service animals and have played roles in elaborate training that’s taken the animals into outer space.

It’s no wonder monkeys are extremely popular in zoos around the world. The Smithsonian National Zoo is a great place to see monkeys.

And here’s a great place to learn more about why monkeys made our list of popular animals.

#9 Lions

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Lion

Lions have a sense of community and are highly social.


For thousands of years, the lion was the most popular animal in the world. Emperors and tyrants paraded them as regal accessories. Today, lions are the second largest cat in the world, close behind the tiger.

Despite what we hear to the contrary, lions are not angry and aggressive. Social animals, lions live in communities of up to 30. The males are responsible for guarding the territory and cubs. They chase off intruders, mark spots with urine, and roar to ward off perceived threats.

In the pride, females do the hunting. Smaller and more agile than males, they operate as a team to bring prey down. The lionesses form semicircles and herd toward the prey.

The cubs are extremely vulnerable. Easy prey to leopards, hyenas, and jackals.

A great place to see these big cats is the Bronx Zoo. You can also learn more about them here.

#8 Sharks

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Shark

Sharks are generally cold-blooded with the exception of the Great White, which is warm-blooded.


Once a year, television audiences go wild over programs about the shark.

Mistakenly viewed as a horrifying beast, the truth is these popular animals are responsible for a few human fatalities. Horses and cows are responsible for more human deaths per year.

There are over 500 types of sharks, and more than 140 of those are on endangered lists of favorite animals. The shark plays a major role in marine ecosystems. They eat aquatic life that balances the food chain.

Sharks are found in tropical coral reefs, the deep blue sea, and under the Arctic ice. There are unique animals like the hammerhead and the goblin, an unmissable shark with bright pink skin.

The great white is warm-blooded while most sharks are as cold-blooded as the waters they swim in. This distinction lets the great white move faster than its cousins.

Interestingly enough, sharks don’t have bones. They are a special type of fish called elasmobranchs which means fish like this are made of cartilaginous tissues. Basically, the same material that makes up human noses and ears. Although sharks do not have bones, they can still fossilize because as they age their skeletal cartilages deposit calcium and salts.

The Georgia Aquarium has a rep as a distinguished setting for sharks.

For shark facts, check out this article.

#7 Birds

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Bird

Some birds like hummingbirds and parrots are capable of impressive feats of memory.

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On any list of most popular animals, you’ll find the bird.

Birds are vertebrates and have adapted to flight for survival. There are species of birds that don’t fly, like the penguin and ostrich, the latter of which is the largest bird in the world. The smallest is the bee hummingbird, coming in at two inches.

The bird’s anatomy is designed for flying. The shape of the wings creates lift. Wings have feathers that narrow to a point for balance. The foundation in the engineering of airplane wings follows the design of bird wings.

Since many birds, most notably parrots, are experts in mimicry, they have charmed people with their ability to ‘speak.’ Some birds like African grey parrots, even decide on their favorite music. They’ll start to dance and sing when they hear their favorite song. A famous African grey parrot named Alex had a vocabulary of around 100 words and phrases.

Birds are undoubtedly one of the most popular creatures in the world. The best place to see these popular animals is in a bird sanctuary.

You can find more about birds here.

#6 Bears

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Bear

Most bears are omnivorous with a sweet tooth and are very fond of honey.


The bear is a solitary animal. They socialize only when courting or when young. There are eight species of bear and six are omnivorous. The outsiders are the panda bear who eats bamboo while the polar bear indulges in meat.

Despite a clumsy appearance, bears are fast. They’d have no problem catching up to a horse, let alone a human. The bear operates mostly through smell as they have poor vision and hearing. Bears are strong swimmers but not good climbers.

Outside of the polar and giant panda bear, bears consume a lot of ants, tree seeds, bees, nuts, berries, insect larvae, and even flowers. It’s interesting to note such large popular animals can sustain themselves on tiny foodstuffs. They also enjoy rodents, deer, fish, pigs, and seals. The Grizzly is famous for its fishing skills. And, for the record, many bears do relish honey.

You can find a variety of bears at the San Diego Zoo. Also, get the scoop on bear facts.

#5 Fish

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Fish

Fish are fascinating creatures and brightly colored species are often popular as pets.

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Fish play a role in the world economy and culture. They’re ingrained in legend and myth.

We love fish (Neon Tetra) and fear fish (sharks). And we can’t take our eyes off of them. It doesn’t matter if it’s the shimmering seahorse, goldfish, or tuna, we’re there.

Regardless of the species, all fish share two characteristics. One, they live in water. Two, they are vertebrates. After that, the differences are phenomenal. Eels are slimy and worm-like. Salmon have gills and scales. Not all fish reproduce through eggs.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has more than 500 types of fish on display. Find more details about these favorite animals here.

#4 Horses

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Horse

Horses were domesticated more than 5,000 years ago and have been working with men ever since.


The majority of the world’s equine life is domesticated. The wild horse is pretty feral, the result of domesticated ancestors in their lineage. The Przewalski horse is truly wild. It’s an endangered species localized in Mongolia.

The horse, up and running within hours of birth, is beloved for its representation of freedom. Of all the animals we ride or use for labor, the nimble horse represents speed and agility. Its grace and beauty captivate us. The creature is soft and approachable, strong and gentle. These popular animals are deeply entrenched in our culture, our religions, and our mythologies.

While you can find or ride horses anywhere, if you want to see wild horses, check out McCullough Peaks. Until then, read more about horses.

#3 Chickens

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Chicken

Chickens were first reared domestically in ancient Egypt.

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Around the world, there are dozens of billions of chickens. That makes them the most populated species on earth, far outdistancing number two: humans.

Chickens were not originally bred for food but for cockfighting. That history makes the male chicken a fierce creature. The hen is a global symbol of fertility and nurturance. The rooster remains an icon of virility.

Chickens were companions of Roman armies. According to legend, chickens were fortunetellers. In 249 B.C., if chickens on a vessel refused to eat, it meant the crew was about to go into a battle they would lose.

It was the Egyptians who cultivated the chicken as a source of food. They created the artificial incubation process. The production was a secret the Egyptians kept for centuries.

The Lincoln Park Zoo has chickens in its Farm-in-the-Zoo.

Take a look here to get more facts to see how chickens landed on this list of popular animals.

#2 Cats

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Cat

In spite of their independent nature, cats enjoy human company.


Okay, so the felines are number two on our list of most popular animals. But they’re actually the most popular animals in the world when someone’s looking for a pet.

Cat lovers will tell you cats can share traits but each has its personality. Much of its behavior derives from early experiences or lack thereof. Cats can be solitary creatures but appreciate human companionship. A cat may need outdoor access. They are infamous wanderers.

These favorite animals are pretty much low maintenance. They don’t necessarily need training, walking, supervised exercise, etc. But despite what some people think, cats do need care and attention. They will fit into the busy lifestyle but that doesn’t mean they don’t need you.

Cats thrive on varying interactions. They’re just as likely to adapt to a busy household as a small, single-person home. You can learn about the personalities of cats with a little research or through conversations with a vet or breeder.

Get more info on cat breeds here.

#1 Dogs

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Dog

Fiercely loyal and affectionate, dogs are the most popular animals and considered man’s best friend.


History traces the dog to small foxes who grew larger as a result of evolving climate and weather. The genetic adaptation gave them greater hunting capability. This culminated in the species “Canis.” That was a large wolfish creature that greatly resembled the animal sitting at the heel of dog lovers around the world.

The dog and humankind evolved together. They collaborated to live better together. Each species tailored its behavior for cohabitation.

Dogs kept an eye out for predators. They barked to alarm us of threats. The dog always followed ancient man, helping him get food and being satisfied with just the scraps.

Today, the dog is still man’s best friend. Unlike the cat, your dog’s fierce loyalty is seen in the way he listens, follows, obeys, protects, and more. A cat will never look at you with the affection a dog does.

Is it any wonder the canine tops our list of favorite animals?

For more on dogs, read this.

Here is a list of the 10 most favorite and popular animals around the world:

Fawn colored Holland Lop bunny Rabbit

Due to its cute floppy ears, the Holland lop is one of the more popular rabbits.

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Favorite and popular animals can be subjective – what may be popular to you, may not be to someone else. Regardless of which animal you may be intrigued by, what is universal is that all animals, no matter where they rank, are fascinating and beautiful creatures. Some make great pets while others are amazing to study in their natural habitats. Here are a few additional animals that deserve an honorable mention for although they didn’t make the top of the list, are still quite popular to many:

  • Dolphins – one of the most abundant cetaceans found in the oceans, with populations totaling around eight million, this mammal is extremely intelligent, highly social, graceful, and beautiful which has contributed to their increased interest. Due to their high popularity in not only entertainment but the tourism industry, they have been subjected to inhumane treatment and some species are on the decline.
  • Cows – these mammals have become a favorite choice due to their loving and forgiving nature. They appreciate affection as well as praise and contrary to popular belief, they are actually quite intelligent with the ability to problem solve. Cows form strong bonds that last for life, not only with their own kind but with other animals as well.
  • Rabbits – these little hoppers, also known as bunnies or bunny rabbits, belong to the family Leporidae of which there are more than 60 extant species that belong to 11 genera (this doesn’t include hybrid or extinct species). It is estimated that there are over 14 million pet rabbits found throughout the world, living both indoors and outdoors. One of the most popular breeds is the Holland Lop, developed in the Netherlands, and is known for its cute floppy ears that frame its large head.

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