Watch These National Heroes Save a Falling Cat With an American Flag at a Football Game

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Updated: January 23, 2023
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Talk about a heart-stopping moment! In the midst of a heated football game between the University of Miami and Appalachian State, something black and white caught the attention of the fans in Hard Rock Stadium. Somehow a small cat with a blue collar had snuck into the stadium. But it wasn’t just seeing a cat that caught the crowd’s attention — the poor thing had somehow managed to get stuck and was dangling by its claws from the façade of the upper bowl of the stadium!

It was obvious the cat was in distress as it swung its body wildly looking for purchase. Fans below also reported that the terrified feline had sprayed them with urine as it hung from the façade above. The cat hung there for a while until it finally started to lose its grip. Fans on the balcony above attempted to reach down to help, but it was too far. For a moment, everyone was transfixed as they watched the cat hang there — first with two front paws, then one paw — until it became clear that it was going to fall.

That’s when the fans below readied themselves to try to save the cat by stretching out an American flag. Craig and Kimberly Cromer, a couple from Miami, bring an American flag to every Hurricane home game they attend and zip-tie it to the handrail. So, when they saw the cat, they didn’t hesitate to snatch their flag and use it to break the cat’s fall.

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As the anxious crowd watched in horror, the cat attempted one last effort to grab onto a nearby fan who was stretching out to try and reach it. However, the cat lost its grip and plummeted to the ground.

Cat hiding under furniture
Cats hide for a variety of reasons, including relaxing without being disturbed.

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An All-American Animal Rescue

Fortunately for the cat, the Cromers had an outstretched American flag waiting — and incredibly, the plan worked, and the cat was saved! The cat fell from a height of about 50 feet. However, thanks to the flag (and the quick thinking of the fans below), it landed safely on the ground after a quick bounce off the flag. The crowd went wild cheering for the heroes, and one of the students in the crowd held the cat up in triumph. The cat, however, had had quite enough of the spotlight. It quickly scratched its way out of the student’s arms and ran for cover.

The cat reportedly left the stadium later with a woman, and the Hard Rock Stadium announced on Twitter that the feline survived the fall unscathed — although probably down to only eight lives after its harrowing adventure.

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Cat on American flag
Perhaps one of the most notable features of the cat is their ability to land on their feet. Even when falling from a height of nearly 10 feet, these animals will instinctively twist their body to land on their paws.
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