These Are the 5 States That Get the Most November Snow

Written by Jennifer Geer
Published: November 4, 2023
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December through February tends to be the snowiest months of the year for most of the United States. However, November can bring its share of winter snowstorms, depending on what part of the country you live in. Using data from, we’ve compiled a list of the top five states that get the most November snow.

1. Alaska — 10.8 Inches

Thompson Pass near Valdez, Alaska during the winter.

Thompson Pass near Valdez, AK, holds the record for the greatest snowfall during one season, with 974.1 inches recorded from the winter of 1952 to 1953.

© King

Unsurprisingly, with an average of 10.8 inches, Alaska is the state that gets the most November snow. Beginning in November, Alaska sees increasingly less daytime sun. For example, in Anchorage in early November, the sun shines for about eight-and-a-half hours during the day. But, by the end of the month, the sun is only up for six hours. It also begins to grow colder in November. When the snow begins to stick, people enjoy winter snowsports, like snowshoeing, skiing, and dog sledding.

Alaska Snowfall Extremes

According to the Alaska Climate Research Center, the most snow to fall in 24 hours during November in Alaska occurred in Valdez, AK. On November 14, 1956, 26 inches of snow fell. 

Not too far from Valdez, at the Thompson Pass, is where the most snow has fallen all winter in one season anywhere in the United States. In the winter of 1952 to 1953, 974.1 inches of snow fell. The pass has also seen the most snow in 24 hours. On December 29, 1955, 62 inches of snow was recorded.

2. Colorado — 9.2 Inches

Fall River Road and aspen trees in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, photo taken during a snowstorm. One unrecognizable man is standing in the road at the center of an "S" curve.

Colorado is among the lower 48 states with the snowiest November.

©Bob Pool/

Colorado is second on our list but first for the lower 48 states. Colorado receives an average of 9.2 inches of snow each November. Winter has come to the state by November, and it can get chilly. Although the highs in Denver average in the 50s for the month, it’s colder in the mountains. Ski season will be well underway, as it starts in mid-October.

Colorado Snowfall Extremes

The snowiest November day in Colorado occurred on November 4, 1946. On the La Veta Pass in Huerfano County, 48 inches of snow fell within 24 hours. Denver saw 30.4 inches from November 2 to 4 during that same storm. The city stopped as streetcars (the mass transit of the day) were shut down during this historic snowstorm. 

Further, Colorado leads the lower 48 states for the snowiest November and the most snow ever to fall in 24 hours. On April 15, 1921, 76 inches of snow fell in Silver Lake, CO. The snow didn’t stop after 24 hours but continued until 95 inches of snow had fallen in two days.

3. Minnesota — 7 Inches

Halloween finish.pumpkings under snow

Trick-or-treaters in Minnesota braved harsh conditions for their candy during the Halloween Blizzard of 1991.


Minnesota ties with Wyoming with an average of 7 inches of snow during November. Things begin to cool off in Minnesota during November. At the start of the month, the average high is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but this drops to 35 degrees Fahrenheit by November 30th. The weather can be unpredictable this month, bringing either rain or snow.

Minnesota Weather Extremes

A historic snowstorm occurred on November 1, 1991, when 29 inches of snow fell in St. Louis County over 24 hours. Dubbed the Halloween Blizzard, the snow had begun to fall mid-morning on Halloween. The trick-or-treaters who braved the cold were wearing winter coats and boots. The following day, the winds picked up, and the snowstorm became a blizzard.

4. Wyoming — 7 Inches

The ski season begins towards the end of November in Wyoming.


Although January is the coldest month, the weather in Wyoming can get pretty chilly during November. Tied with Minnesota, it receives 7 inches of snow on average in November. Snow begins to fall frequently in October and continues through May.

Wyoming Weather Extremes

Two days before Thanksgiving, on November 21, 1979, Wyoming experienced the most snowfall in 24 hours during November. In Converse County, 44 inches of snow was recorded at the Glenrock Weather Station. This historic blizzard caused drifts of five to seven feet.

5. Vermont — 6.5 Inches

Snowfall in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

November is a snowy month for Vermont.

© Boudreaux

The days grow short, and the weather grows cold in Vermont in November. Many of the vibrant leaves during Vermont’s spectacular autumns are gone from the trees, and the snow begins to fall. Vermont sees an average of 6.5 inches of snow this month. Also, ski resorts begin to open towards the end of the month and into December.

Vermont Weather Extremes

Vermont’s snowiest November happened in 2018 when a record-setting snow depth of 46 inches was recorded on Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak.

Summary of the 5 States That Get the Most November Snow

RankStateAverage November Snow
1Alaska10.8 inches
2Colorado9.2 inches
3Minnesota7 inches
4Wyoming7 inches
5Vermont6.5 inches

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