These Crows Can’t Stop Antagonizing A Huge Hawk

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 22, 2022
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If crows were in high school, they’d win the superlative for “biggest bully.” We must not underestimate the intelligence of crows. They occasionally have a reputation for attacking humans, consuming other birds, and swooping in on outdoor pets. Aggressive crows are typically mother birds with a nearby nest. 

Crows may attack to defend their environment even if they don’t have any hatchlings or eggs. A video recently surfaced of a murder of crows on a building rooftop. They surround an unsuspecting hawk near the roof’s edge. 

It looks as if the murder is conspiring to attack the hawk. Funnily enough, the hawk at one point slightly adjusts its wings, prompting several of the crows to flee in fear. This doesn’t stop the advisor and attacker crow from making their moves. 

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Mobbing birds like crows will dive-bomb an animal they perceive to be a threat, screech at it, and even dump on it. Crows stand out from most other birds because of the way they gather in groups. Other birds typically swarm in bigger, less cohesive squads, whereas they will form small, close-knit groups of two to five. There appear to be about 15 crows in this video. 

Knowing everything about hawks will help you understand how dangerous they can be as predators because they can fly at incredibly high speeds while diving to get their prey. Certain hawks, like the sparrowhawk, will target other smaller bird species, but the majority of hawks prefer to eat tiny vertebrates like rodents, squirrels, and occasionally a small bunny.

Crows Have Incredible Minds 

Crows fight hawks that enter their territory because they are aware that hawks prey on their young. Perhaps they are doing this merely for protection, to stop the hawk from harming any nestlings they may be currently caring for. Researchers discovered that crows had 1.5 billion neurons in their brains, suggesting that they have higher mental capacities than giant apes and monkeys.

This reveals how the crows were able to bring down and kill a hawk. You presume that the hawk’s talons, despite its reduced speed, will aid it in fighting its way out. However, whereas the hawk is all about strength, the crows possess the intelligence required to plan a strategy and prevail.

Thankfully, the video below showcases a murder of crows that’s a bit unsure about attacking a lonesome hawk. Even though they outnumber it, the crows seem nervous about making a move. If they did attack, what would happen?

Crows are swift animals who would be incredibly challenging to catch in flight. Therefore, a hawk usually ignores the crows or takes off. The person who filmed the interaction between the birds writes hilarious commentary on the screen. His idea of an attacker and an advisor seems incredibly accurate and we hope he makes more content like this in the future! 

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