These Jumping Crocodiles Could Probably Dunk with that Much Vertical!

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: October 24, 2022
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Who knew that crocodiles could jump out of the water? As this video shows, these amazing animals are powerful enough to get some serious air as they leap out of the water.

The footage was shot in the Adelaide River in Australia. They are found on many continents in the Southern hemisphere. They need plenty of time in the sun and warm temperatures to help regulate their body temperatures.

Some people come to Australia to see the amazing wildlife, and tour companies like the one in this video provide opportunities for them to get up close and personal with wild animals. The video starts with a shot of a boat full of tourists on the river. The guide puts a piece of meat on a long stick to attract crocodiles.

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The first crocodile approaches and stays in the water. It actually seems spooked by the proximity of people. While it does seem interested in the food, it is still wary. Soon, another crocodile joins and the two try to get the small snack off the pole.

Powerful Hunters

Crocodiles have extremely powerful jaws. They actually don’t chew their food; they swallow it in large chunks that they tear off of their prey with their sharp teeth. The food they are going for appears to be steak. While they would be generous portions for a human, they are just a small snack for a hungry crocodile. These animals eat everything from fish and birds to deer and larger animals that come to the water for a drink.

However, crocodiles don’t need to eat as much as you may expect. They spend much of their time floating or sunning themselves and don’t expend a lot of energy. When needed, they can even go without food for years at a time.

Some of the crocodiles move their bodies back and forth to push themselves out of the water vertically. They jump to get out of the water as the man holding the pole pulls the food back. Their giant heads and bodies come into the air. Even the smallest species of crocodiles are around 6 feet long as fully grown adults. The largest can grow to almost 23 feet long! With such long bodies, it’s even more amazing that they can get as much air out of the water as they do.

The video also shows a crocodile in shallower water going after some food. The man handling the pole lets him eat the meat and then gives him a scratch on the top of the head.

Watch these incredible, massive crocs jump out of the water for food!

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