These Lions Are Completely Unimpressed by a Threatening Crocodile

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: January 23, 2023
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Crocodiles are both feared and revered as one of the most formidable predators in the animal kingdom. With powerful jaws and sharp teeth, they can easily take down their prey with remarkable precision and swiftness. However, this video shows us that even a crocodile is no match for a pride of powerful lions.

Lions are mighty and dignified creatures that command respect and admiration — and when it comes to power and dignity, few animals can rival a female lion. With their muscular bodies and fierce eyes, lionesses exude a stoic air of confidence that is contagious. From the way they walk with their heads held high, to the calculated movements they make when approaching prey, it’s clear that lionesses have a powerful presence in many African ecosystems.

Intimidation Just Doesn’t Cut It

Crocodile close up underwater
Crocodiles are some of the oldest predators still roaming the earth.

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The video below captured a pride of these powerful female lions near a riverbank in Africa as they enjoyed their feast of a dead hippo. However, while the lionesses were enjoying their meal, one uninvited guest showed up — a crocodile who decided he wanted in on the action.

Despite their intimidating presence, crocodiles rely on stealth to get close to unsuspecting victims before setting off a violent attack. You should never underestimate the danger of a crocodile’s raw power and violence. The croc in this video silently glided through the river, straight up to the lions eating on the river bank. However, his stealth was no match for the keen senses of the lions.

The croc lifted his head out of the water and opened his wide mouth, growling and showing his teeth in an attempt to intimidate the lionesses into sharing their dinner with him. But these fearless felines were completely unphased by his aggressive attitude; if anything, they showed more curiosity than concern with his presence. 

In fact, one of the lionesses immediately returned her attention back to the dead hippo and continued eating, and the other four lionesses slowly followed suit. Only one lone lioness remained on the riverbank, keeping an eye on their uninvited guest. 

Lions vs. Crocodiles

Lions are large, muscular mammals. They typically weigh more than 500 pounds, stand 4 feet tall, and grow to 8 feet long. On the other hand, crocodiles can be much heavier and longer. The largest recorded crocodile weighed over 2,000 pounds and was over 20 feet long! It’s easy to understand why these stealthy reptiles are considered formidable predators.

Lions are fast on land, but when it comes to swimming, crocodiles can’t be beaten. Maybe if it was just one lion facing off against one crocodile — but five lions? Even this croc was smart enough to know that those odds were simply not in his favor.

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A pride of lions drinking from a pond.
Lions eat a diet that consists of buffalo, wildebeests, and even giraffes.
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