These Rhinos Couldn’t Care Less About Causing a Huge Traffic Jam

Written by Alan Lemus
Published: October 19, 2022
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Rhinos are herbivores, feeding on grasses and shrubs.  Although they don’t have good eyesight, they have excellent hearing and a good sense of direction.

Rhinos are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants. They eat a wide variety of vegetation, including twigs, leaves, and grasses. They also consume fruit and flowers from trees.

Rhinos have few predators in the wild. However, lions and hyenas sometimes attack young rhinos or calves when separated from their mothers by a fence or other barriers. The lion pulls the calf down with its teeth and claws while the hyena tears at its hide to get the meat underneath. If poachers have injured a rhino, lions may also attack it.

The rhino’s skin comprises folds that protect it from sunburn and insect bites. The folds also help regulate their temperature by directing air to different body parts.

This video was captured at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. In this video, there is a huge traffic jam whose cause seems to be unbothered rhinos. This unusual sighting was captured on a busy road across the park.

How to Avoid a Rhino Attack?

In the wild, rhinos are generally solitary animals and only come together for mating or when there is a threat. They are not aggressive towards humans but can be unpredictable since they are wild animals.

Although it is rare for a rhino to attack a human, it can happen. The most common cause of a rhino charging at people is if they have been disturbed by human presence or feel threatened by them. The best way to avoid being attacked by a rhino is to stay fairly still, stay downward of the rhino, climb a tree, or run in a zigzag pattern.

Stay Fairly Still

Do not run or make any sudden movements. The rhino’s hearing and sense of smell are acute, so do not make noise or move about if you can help. If you are walking, avoid stepping on twigs or leaves because they can be picked up by the wind, and alert the animal to your presence.

Stay Downwind of the Rhino

Rhinos cannot see well, but they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. Stay downwind (on the opposite side from which it was last moving) so that you do not give off any scent that may attract attention.

Climb a Tree

If possible, climb up a tree to escape harm’s way. Rhinos can’t climb trees, so this provides you with some safety if the animal becomes aggressive toward you.

Run In a Zigzag Pattern

Rhinos are not known for their speed or agility. When running away from one, it is best to zigzag instead of running straight ahead. That makes it more difficult for them to catch up with you and increases your chances of getting away safely.

Do Not Try to Feed Them

Feeding wild animals can upset their natural behaviors and make them lose their fear of humans and associate them with food sources.

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