These Two Black Bears Look Like They’re Car Shopping With How Well They Open Car Doors

Written by Kirstin Opal
Published: September 23, 2022
Image Credit Constance Mahoney/
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The last thing anyone wants is someone breaking into their vehicle. To enhance security and bring homeowners comfort, people have started installing video doorbells. This advancement in technology makes it easy to see who’s at your door or in your driveway at all times. 

A man named Robert has one of these cameras attached to the floodlight just above his garage. On a day where his car was sitting in the driveway, he got a notification that there was movement in front of the camera. 

Perhaps Robert expected a mail carrier or a fleeting squirrel that triggered the motion sensors. Instead, there are two giant black bears that casually open up his car doors to explore inside. 

The smallest of the three bear species present in North America is the black bear. Black bears can have a nose to tail measurement of 50 to 80 inches. They stand roughly 2-3 feet tall when they are on all fours. Black bears display sexual dimorphism, with males growing larger than females, just like brown bears do. Black bear males typically have a size advantage of 20 to 60% over females. 

Males typically weigh around 125 and 500 pounds, whilst female bears typically weigh between 90 and 300 pounds. The largest bear ever discovered was 880 pounds when it was discovered in North Carolina in 1998.

Robert states that there wasn’t any food in the car at all. Instead, the vehicle was filled with cleaning supplies. The hilarious video shows just how curious American black bears can be as they sift through the contents of the car. 

Bears Just Wanna Have Fun

The two wild animals walk off with their findings in tow, leaving Robert to clean up their mess. As he does, you can tell the man looks puzzled. He makes sure to lock his vehicle before heading back in side. Within minutes, the bears are back for more but can’t get into the car. They take their defeat and head into the neighborhood to see what else they can find. 

Black bears will go to tremendous lengths to get the food they require, despite the fact that they are not as aggressive as brown bears and won’t attack people without being provoked. They can locate their food thanks to their keen hearing and smell senses, which make up for their weak vision. A black bear is more than eager to open your car like a can of tuna if he senses something inside.

Who knows, maybe some of the cleaning supplies had a citrus scent and the bears mistook it for the real thing. Either way, we’re happy to bring you this adorable video and that no one was hurt as these wild animals explored one man’s car! 

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