These 7 U.S. Cities Have the Most Bridges

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: November 28, 2023
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Humans have been using bridges for hundreds of years. These structures allow us to pass over landscape obstacles such as bodies of water or deep valleys. Thanks to ever-changing engineering and technology, bridges are not the same as they once were. 

When they first started being built, bridges were made of stones, dirt, and logs. Now, they’re created with much safer materials such as steel. You can find bridges in just about any city across the United States. Here are the cities with the most bridges in the country.

1. Boston

Boston, Massachusetts skyline over the turnpike.

There are roughly three million people who work near and traverse the bridges in Boston.

©Sean Pavone/

Boston, the heart of Massachusetts, leaves us stunned with having 1,615 bridges across the city. This East Coast hub has a plethora of bridges that traverse over rivers and the ocean. They have striking visual details and can leave any visitor in awe. 

The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge is named after a man who spent a lot of time during his life as a civil rights activist. It is one of the widest cable bridges in the world. It features an obelisk that pays respect to the people who have lost their lives in the fight for freedom. 

Another bridge in Boston with an entirely different vibe is the Lagoon Bridge. This bridge was completed in 1867 and is for foot and bicycle traffic only. It is in a stunning botanical garden that shows an impressive array of colors during the autumnal season.

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles' 6th Street Bridge

The 6th Street Bridge is popular in downtown Los Angeles.

©MattGush/iStock via Getty Images

Another city in the United States that has a myriad of bridges is Los Angeles. The City of Angels has roughly 1,200 bridges across the region. The Vincent Thomas Bridge is one of the most iconic structures near San Pedro. It traverses 1500 feet over the LA Harbor. 

Los Angeles is also home to the Shakespeare Bridge. This is a Gothic-style bridge named after the famous playwright. Head over to Venice, CA to look at the bridge arching over the Venice Canals. 

This structure is featured in many Hollywood films and is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon stroll.

3. New York City

New York City, New York State, Urban Skyline, Building Exterior, Landscape - Scenery

Many ferries travel under the bridges around New York every day.

©karandaev/ via Getty Images

It’s hard to picture New York City without imagining a handful of the iconic bridges that connect Manhattan to the other boroughs. Research shows that the Big Apple has 789 bridges in total. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous and spans over 6,000 feet from one end to another. 

The Manhattan Bridge is slightly longer, measuring 6,855 feet long. The George Washington Bridge, Robert F Kennedy Bridge, and Roosevelt Island Bridge are all named after historic presidents. 

The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is one of the highest bridges in New York City. It towers 693 feet over the bay and has drastically transformed the way people travel around southern Brooklyn and Staten Island.

4. Pittsburgh

Fort Pitt Bridge over Allegheny River with Pittsburgh skyline, PA

When you see downtown Pittsburgh from an aerial point of view, you can understand why it’s called The City of Bridges.

©Joseph Sohm/

Did you know that Pittsburgh is known as the city of bridges? This Pennsylvania metropolis has 446 bridges at the time of writing this. Among the most iconic in the city, the Smithfield Street Bridge is worth mentioning. 

It was built in 1881 and is the second-oldest steel bridge in the country. Locals and tourists enjoy being able to safely walk across the Rachel Carson Bridge, the Andy Warhol Bridge, and the Roberto Clemente Bridge. 

It’s hard to beat the view you see after driving through the Fort Pitt Tunnels onto the Fort Pitt Bridge. The Pittsburgh Skyline burst through the landscape near the stunning yellow structure.

5. Cleveland

Warner Hollow Rd Covered Bridge

The Warner Road Bridge in Ohio will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into New England during October.

©Jack R Perry/iStock via Getty Images

Another one of the U.S. cities with the most bridges is Cleveland. This hub in Ohio is home to 330 bridges! One of the most notable is the Warner Road Bridge. It’s made of stone and bricks and was built in 1899. 

An art deco truss bridge called the Hope Memorial Bridge crosses over the Cuyahoga River. It is 4,490 feet long and connects the west and east sides of Cleveland. Another notable bridge that crosses over the Cuyahoga River is the Detroit-Superior Bridge. It is 3,112 feet long and connects Detroit Avenue to Superior Avenue.

6. Baltimore

The Mile-High Swinging Bridge in fog, at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.

Some swing bridges can swing up to 90 degrees!

©Jon Bilous/

Next, let’s head over to Baltimore for another one of the cities with the most bridges. This area of Maryland is home to 298 bridges, including the Swinging Bridges at Patapsco Valley State Park.

One of the most mesmerizing structures in the area is the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Some research says that this bridge is 57,546 feet long, while others say it’s less than 8,000 feet long. If you look at the right time, it appears as if the bridge is floating.

You’ll feel as if you traveled back in time when you visited the Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge. This is a Burr arch truss wooden bridge. The red finish makes it look like something you’d expect to see on a postcard. It was erected in 1860 and finished before the spring of the following year.

7. Seattle

View of the Lacey V Murrow memorial bridge in the harbor of Seattle Washington

In 1990, the Murrow Memorial Bridge sank due to human error.

©Debora Vandor/iStock via Getty Images

There is no shortage of bridges in the Evergreen State. Seattle has 142 Bridges alone, making it one of the cities with the most bridges in the country. The Murrow Memorial Bridge is over a mile long and is the second-longest floating bridge on the planet! 

Lake Washington is too deep for standard bridges, hence why the city of rain has some that simply float. There are a variety of footbridges and traffic bridges throughout the city. Although it’s just 344 feet long, the Montlake Cut Bridge is a beautiful structure that brings State Route 513 over a ship canal route.

Summary of the U.S. Cities with the Most Bridges

RankCityNumber of Bridges
2Los Angeles1,200
3New York City789
7Seattle 142

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Wirestock/iStock via Getty Images

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