This 33 Foot Anaconda Is So Big You Need A Crane To Lift It

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Updated: October 23, 2023
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With great likelihood, no one has ever accurately measured the size of the largest anaconda to ever live. It is difficult to estimate what lies beneath the waters or hides in burrows across the Amazon River basin due to its sheer magnitude. The 33-foot anaconda in this video was only discovered by chance when some construction workers were clearing forest debris in Brazil.

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The video below shows a 33-foot Anaconda in the rainforest being picked up by a machine truck being used clear fallen debris. This gargantuan reptile is so massive that its enormous body droops over both sides of the truck’s large tracker arm. The snake, however, seems to be unamused with what is happening (can you blame it?). It attempts to slither its way up the tractor arm and claw, trying to grip a cluster of tree branches nearby. 

Anacondas And Humans

Unfortunately, it is unknown exactly what happened to the gigantic snake after this video was shot. Anacondas are very resilient, so hopefully, the enormous reptile made it out of this unusual encounter unscathed.

Sadly, there is also a good chance that this behemoth was killed by its human captors. People kill anacondas because they think these animals are dangerous and could hurt them. This type of killing is not usually done as revenge or because of economic issues, but out of fear and with the hope that it will keep these large snakes from potentially causing harm. Such powerful predators endanger the food, safety, and livelihoods of people living nearby. 

The Heaviest Snake In The World

green anaconda

The word ‘anaconda’ is thought to come from either the Sinhalese ‘henakanday’ (meaning ‘thunder snake’), or the Tamil ‘anaikondran’ (meaning



©Patrick K. Campbell/

Anacondas are large and powerful snakes found in the tropical rainforests and rivers of South America. They are well adapted to aquatic environments and prefer slow-moving waters such as swamps and marshes. Anacondas can also be found in mangrove swamps and flooded savannas. They have an average length of between 10 and 17 feet. Some specimens even reach lengths of up to 30 feet or more and weigh up to 550 pounds! Their massive size means they are often the apex predators in their environment, with little fear of being attacked themselves  — unless, of course, humans are involved.

How Can An Anaconda Get So Big?

Anacondas are highly adaptive and have unique adaptations that allow them to be successful in a variety of environments. They can remain submerged for long periods of time and have developed an ability to remain undetected while hunting. Because they are semi-aquatic, they are able to move between land and water with ease, allowing them to take advantage of different prey sources. Additionally, anacondas have a keen sense of smell which helps them track even their most elusive prey.

Their ability to adapt quickly to changing surrounding environments is especially useful today, as their habitats are constantly being carved, shaped, cut, and planted, as deforestation increases. 

An anaconda is truly an awe-inspiring creature and is a living testament to the wonders of nature. It’s no wonder so many people are drawn to Anacondas, with their resilience and strength. An anaconda is a reminder of the power of nature and that even in the face of destruction, life will find a way. And the gigantic size of this anaconda in the video certainly manifests great size and strength!

These remarkable snakes are truly amazing creatures and we can learn a lot from their resilience, strength, and adaptability. An anaconda is an inspirational reminder of the power of nature in the face of destruction. It is a testament to the mysteries that lie within our environment, and one that we should never take for granted. 

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