This Bandit Racoon Gets Caught Red-Handed and Just Freezes Hilariously

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: November 5, 2022
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Have you ever come home from a long day and see a guilty look on your dog’s face? Moments later you step further into your house to discover he ripped your favorite sweater to shreds. Animals sure know how to express guilt and even those in the wild aren’t exempt. 

A recent Youtube Short shows just how hilarious it is when a critter gets caught red-handed. Two buddies hear something in a large trash receptacle and begin filming – not knowing what they’ll find behind a closed door. 

Lucky for them, they didn’t have to open it! Within seconds of filming, a raccoon standing on its hind legs swings open the door and stares at the two friends. This creature is absolutely shocked that someone caught him ravaging through the trash. 

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Raccoons can be identified by their bushy tails, which have four to ten black rings, and a black mask across their eyes. This mask gives them the appearance of a thief, which is quite fitting for this animal. The raccoon is extremely agile thanks to its forepaws, which resemble thin human hands.

Raccoons can be aggressive when approached by people, despite the fact that they frequently coexist with humans in both urban and suburban settings, even building dens in houses and barns. When they feel intimidated, they may hiss, spit, snarl, or howl. They may also strike as a last measure, although if at all possible, they prefer to flee. There are a number of diseases that raccoons can carry, including the rabies virus. 

baby racoon peeking
Raccoons can be identified by their bushy tails, which have four to ten black rings, and a black mask across their eyes.

©Gerald A. DeBoer/

Pesky Creatures

Raccoons can also cause problems in other ways. They might knock over garbage cans, raid bird feeders, dredge up gardens, harm crops, rip off roofs, or even uncap chimneys to destroy your property. Additionally, raccoons have been known to settle in attics and other areas of houses. 

Luckily for the two people in this video, no harm was done. The garbage receptacle looks as if it belongs to a business or apartment building. They are opportunistic feeders, which means they will consume anything that is offered to them. Raccoons have discovered that human dwellings are trustworthy sources of readily available food during the process. 

This could be the reason a large number of raccoons have adjusted to the city life rather than moving to more remote natural areas. Raccoons, who are by nature foragers, find the taste and odor of human food leftovers to be quite alluring, despite the fact that garbage may not smell particularly nice to humans. 

Even while raccoons don’t hibernate, the winter months do see them become less active. They must stock up on fat in order to survive the winter season when food is in short supply as they prepare for their winter slumber. Human garbage cans are a rich supply of high-calorie food that they naturally seek 

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raccoon in a trashcan
Raccoons love to find food in trashcans so having a trashcan with a locking lid can be helpful in keeping them away.

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