This Bear Can’t Stop Playing With a Giant Leaf in Front of a Suburban Home

Written by Sarah Psaradelis
Published: October 6, 2022
© Susan Kehoe/
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There is nothing more frightening yet fascinating than seeing a bear outside of your house at 1 am in the morning. What is even more interesting was that this spunky bear decided to play with a large palm tree leaf for entertainment. This unbearably cute video shows a small black bear tussling and pawing at a fallen palm leaf near a car caught on an outdoor floodlight doorbell camera.

Lauren’s camera picked up the bear being playful, cute, and acting like a puppy that just got a new toy. Not only does this show the inquisitive side of bears, but it also shows that such a feared, yet admirable animal has time to play and have fun, even if it is right outside your house.

Bears are known for being good at acrobatics, so it is not unusual to see the black bear roll backward out of the camera’s range, only to drag the leaf back into view. By the looks of the bear in the video, the black bear is juvenile and quite young which is why they might still have the instinct to play.

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About Black Bears

The black bear is one of the smallest and most widely distributed bear endemics in North America, and yes, they can travel to suburban areas even though they prefer the shelter and safety of their forest homes. Woodland-based homes have a higher chance of receiving black bears as visitors as these bears are natural roamers.

The black bear will wander up to 25 miles from their home in search of food, which might happen to be on your property. These bears can enter suburban areas to search garbage cans for food, however, that is only if they are not distracted by a large leaf first!

Even though these bears can look friendly and cute from the safety of inside your home, it is advised to not interact with these bears. Black bears are not territorial; however, they can get scared and act out of fear to protect themselves. These bears can be quite timid, and they would never seek out you as their next meal, and the first instinct of a startled black bear is to run to the safety of trees.

As humans are establishing themselves in forestry areas, we are essentially sharing out territory with the roaming land of many black bears’ homes. These bears come into suburban areas looking for food and are not looking for trouble.

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black bear cub
Black bear cub sitting on a branch of a tree looking at camera
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