This Bear Cub Simply Can’t Handle Their First Snow Fall

Written by Megan Martin
Published: December 22, 2022
© Susan Kehoe/
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Do you remember your first snow fall? From the looks of this footage, it’s a memory that one bear cub won’t ever forget!

Bear Cub’s First Time Playing in the Snow

In this short clip, two bears, a parent and a cub, are caught by what appears to be a doorbell camera crossing a yard in a small neighborhood. It’s nighttime in the video, and since the grass is still showing through the thin blanket of snow, it must have just started snowing. However, that doesn’t stop the cub’s cute reaction!

As the snow-covered cub crosses the yard with its parent, it pauses in the light of the house, perfectly on camera, and rises to stand on its hindfeet. Then, it raises its arms above its head and begins to dance as the snow continues to fall around the bear, sticking to its fur and transforming the yard into a winter wonderland!

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Almost losing its balance, the bear cub dances in the snow for several seconds. Then, upon realizing that its parent didn’t exactly share in its winter joy, it drops back down onto all fours and chases after the larger bear, who has moved out of the range of the camera.

Although short-lived, it’s an amazing display of the intelligence of bears to watch this little cub frolic in the snow! Many scientists actually note the bear as one of the smartest animals in North America, comparable to primates. This means that this bear cub is quite similar to a human child enjoying their first snow fall!

Is It Normal for Bears to Come Out in the Snow?

Black Bear Cub
While bears do hibernate in the winter, this doesn’t mean they sleep the season away!


After watching this video and this bear’s cute reaction to seeing snow for the first time, you may be wondering if it’s normal for bears to come out when it is snowing. After all, you tend to only see snow in the winter, maybe the early spring. And, if you’re like many people, you might have grown up hearing that bears sleep all winter.

While bears do hibernate in the winter, this doesn’t mean they sleep the season away!

In fact, bears in hibernation are still awake and can even leave their dens as necessary. Hibernation is simply a time of rest for them. During these months, which usually range from the beginning or middle of winter to the first few weeks of spring, bears have a reduced metabolic state. They don’t need to eat or drink, and their heart rates are slowed.

This is an evolutionary trait designed to help bears survive in a time where there is reduced food and shelter. Thus, it’s important that bears hibernate.

However, bears still come out in the winter. Not all bears hibernate, and those that do may emerge periodically. This is especially true if food is readily available. Some scientists think that increasing winter bear encounters correlate to climate change.

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Mother bear gently nibbles at her cub as the lie on the grass
Mother bear gently nibbles at her cub as the lie on the grass.
© Susan Kehoe/

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