This Bear Doesn’t Waste a Second After Being Invited Inside for Tacos

Written by Opal
Published: September 22, 2022
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Humans have created several incredible things. Electric cars, smartphones, sliced bread, you name it, we’ve done it. While all of these things are great, it’s hard to beat the invention of the taco. 

Whether you fill it with beans, seafood, rice, pico de gallo, or tons of sour cream, it’s a tasty food that even bears love. A man was filming outside his home in Gatlinburg when a sleuth of black bears enter the picture. 

As these animals are sniffing around, one is spotted eating a potato chip on the ground. The Great Smoky Mountains’ most adored animal is unquestionably the black bear! Each year, millions of tourists travel to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to see these incredible creatures. There are many possibilities to witness these well-known Smoky Mountain residents because there are approximately 1,600 bears in the national park or about two bears per square mile.

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It’s no surprise that all of these bears appeared in this man’s front yard, especially if there is food around. The person filming can’t seem to get enough of the creatures. With their fluffy ears and adorable (and huge) paws, who can blame him? 

Although it isn’t the smartest move to stay so close to these wild animals, this Gatlinburg resident treats them like family. At one point in the video, he invites them in for dinner and tacos are on the menu! 

“Come on, we’re going to have tacos. Y’all come on in,” he says and without hesitation, a bear rushes up the porch stairs toward the front door. Finally, this causes the man to run inside for safety. 

Unusual Dinner Guests

Black bears
Black bears


As we mentioned earlier, tacos are tasty and the bears seem to agree. Black bears will eat just about anything, whether it’s “human” food or not. They have an incredible sense of smell that’s over seven times stronger than that of a bloodhound

Now, just picture private investigators and special crime units walking around with bears instead of dogs to solve crimes! The comments on this video are just as hilarious as the footage itself! 

A viewer states, “He (the bear) said don’t mind if I do!” Other comments aren’t quite as happy with the man’s actions. An example is, “That was so wrong to do that.” Here at A-Z Animals, we do insist that nobody ever tries tempting wild animals. 

Black bear attacks on humans in a predatory manner are relatively uncommon. One black bear out of every million will engage in a predatory attack on a human. Surprisingly, these animals are much more likely to attack humans if there is a dog nearby. 

Keep yourself and your furry friends safe by steering clear of wild animals when possible. If you happen to see them in your front yard as people do in this area of Tennessee, move slowly and get inside. 

Bears are most likely attracted to the garage outside of your house or even in your car. While it may be tempting, never invite them in for food, even if it is a joke. We all know what happened to Goldilocks! 

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A sleuth, or group, of three American black bears (Ursus americanus), a mother bear and two of her cubs, sit in a rocky field.
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