This Bobcat Loves Riding Shotgun in The Truck and Listening To Country Music

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: April 21, 2023
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Key Points:

  • We typically think of bobcats as being wild animals that couldn’t possibly remain calm and controlled in domestic environments.
  • One TikToker is setting out to change people’s perceptions by showing off his pet bobcats behaving like very cool cats.
  • In this amazing video, you’ll see a bobcat that has very specific taste when it comes to their music, proving that if raised from a young age by a responsible owner, bobcats can become quite sophisticated kitties!

When you see a TikTok handle like BobcatKing – you have a pretty good idea about the sort of content you are going to find. But this footage is incredible. It shows a bobcat sitting in the front seat of a truck, leaning up against the driver. The bobcat rubs up against the man and gets a kiss and tickle on the chin in return. It is securely held in position with a harness and actually seems to be enjoying the country music! This shows that some wild animals are able to not only tolerate but seemingly enjoy human company. However, there is a warning that this would not be safe with all bobcats – and you need to know what you are doing before you interact with any wild animals – both for their safety and yours.

What Eats Snakes
Most bobcats would prefer to avoid humans if they can


Bobcats in the Wild

Bobcats are majestic and powerful creatures – they can also be ferocious. They can live in many different locations in the US and there are several different types depending on location. It is estimated that their population may reach up to two million in the whole US.

When they are living in the wild, bobcats are nocturnal, and they spend most of the night hunting for prey. They are quite adaptable and are able to live in deserts and swamps but they prefer mountainous regions. They like habitats where they can hide and where there is a lot of prey. Rabbits and squirrels are top of the list!

Bobcats and Humans

Bobcats usually shy away from human contact. They would rather hide from a human than attack you. It is very likely that the bobcat in this video has been reared by humans from a very young age so it is comfortable with human contact. Most bobcats do not feel like this!

If you do come across a bobcat in the wild, the best advice is to keep away from it. Make a lot of noise to try to scare it away. Do not turn your back on it because they can pounce without warning. Also, do not run because this may encourage it to attack and it is very likely to be able to keep up with you! Bobcats have very sharp teeth and claws and if they do decide to attack a human they can cause very serious injuries.

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Bobcats in Arkansas can be found in woodlands.
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