This Bobcat Turns Into a Housecat After Playing With Golf Balls, and Their Coyote Friend

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: October 7, 2022
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There may be a new golf pro on staff at the Silverbell Golf Course. The course in Tucson, Arizona was host to a bobcat and coyote that played around with some golf balls together.

The video begins with a bobcat sitting calmly on the grass. It’s not clear which hole he is near but someone nearby throws a golf ball close to him. Wisely, they give the bobcat his space and let him decide if he wants to play. Remember, even though they are common in some residential areas, including Tucson, bobcats are still wild animals and can be unpredictable.

At first, the bobcat acts like he may be more comfortable just sitting in the shade of a nearby tree. At least that seems to be his plan until a coyote comes over. All of a sudden, the bobcat’s ears perk up. Is on high alert for a rival predator? Is he getting ready for a fight with the coyote? The coyote keeps his distance, staying in the thicker grass near the trees at the edge of the green.

Join Me for a Round of Golf?

Instead of engaging in a fight or chasing the coyote away, the bobcat stands and decides that the day would be much better if he plays a bit of golf with his new friend. The person filming throws another golf ball down and the bobcat begins to bat it back and forth.

While he is a wild animal, the bobcat looks eerily similar to any housecat who just got a new toy. He pounces on the ball and chases it as it rolls away. The coyote is getting a bit curious and walks closer to see what the game is all about.

For a while, the bobcat has all of the golf balls to himself. He keeps one between his paws even as he lays down, swatting at it with his back legs. There are multiple golf balls around the course now, plenty for both animals to play with. The coyote has retreated away at this point but it’s clear from his next step that he’s been watching the bobcat and is interested in joining the play.

When the bobcat stands up and moves toward him, the coyote hurries away. He picks something up in his mouth that he carries with him, possibly a golf ball. The video shows him chewing a few seconds later so it may also be a small animal or bird that he decides to have for lunch. The bobcat is happy enough to spend his time playing golf. He bounds back and forth between the balls on the course, even rolling onto his back as he has fun.

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