This Domestic House Cat Finally Has Enough and Bullies a Trespassing Fox

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: September 25, 2022
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You can’t help but admire the kitty in this video. They are willing to put with so much from a cheeky fox but eventually, enough is enough. Certain boundaries simply should not be crossed and helping yourself to the saucer full of cat food is one of those boundaries!

The Cheek of Urban Foxes

Foxes are found widely in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe and North America. They are carnivores and scavengers so it is inevitable that they are going to be attracted to the feeding opportunities that human settlements offer – including food left out for domestic cats. Although, in the wild, they would hunt a mouse and lots of other small mammals as well as birds and even insects.

They can frequently be found around urban city areas in the Northern Hemisphere. – these are the red foxes. There are several other species of fox also including the Artic fox. Urban foxes can make a nuisance of themselves by tearing open refuse sacks and are considered a pest by some people. This domestic cat would agree with that opinion!

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House Cats Are Still Protective of Food

Despite the fact that most house cats are provided with more than enough food to keep them nourished, they can get very territorial about it. Humans have had a relationship with cats for thousands of years. Our early feline friends were attracted to early human settlements by the rats and mice that lived around grain stores. Eventually, humans spotted how useful cats could be when it comes to pest control and started encouraging cats to live with them. Over the years, they became human companions and more reliant on us for food and shelter. Indoor house cats are a fairly recent phenomenon as previously cats had a free lifestyle and went in and out of houses as they wished.

Indoor cats tend to have longer life expectancies because they avoid the outdoor hazards associated with fights with other cats and road traffic accidents. However, it also puts them at risk of certain health conditions including obesity and they may require special diets.

The kitty in this video is clearly happy outdoors and very ready to defend their territory. At first, they just observe the intruder but once the fox shows an interest in their food they are quite happy to pounce at and fend off the larger animal. The fox does come back for another try without realizing that they are being stalked from some nearby trees by the determined cat. Eventually, the fox gets the message and leaves the cat to enjoy their meal in peace!

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Portrait of British Short hair blue cat with yellow eyes.
Portrait of British Short hair blue cat with yellow eyes. Resentful look, contrast light.
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