This First Class Train Trip Across Peru Will Blow Your Mind

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: August 7, 2022
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The video starts with the narrator welcoming you on board the Andean Explorer, a first-class train that travels through Peru. This is a bucket-list-worthy train ride that travels from Cusco to Arequipa and offers the most luxurious experience.

This couple travels for three days and two nights aboard this train, sharing the breathtaking views they take in and showing off all the bits of five-star services this train ride has to offer. The train reaches up to 14,000 feet altitude as it travels through the Andes mountains.

The Andean Explorer gives unparalleled views of the countryside.

Those onboard can enjoy gourmet meals, unique cocktails, and of course, all the plush seating and sleeping accommodations for overnight comfort. Jeb Brooks, the narrator, and guide throughout this video has broken up each phase of the experience with his wife, Susan, starting with boarding.

They find outside seating, toast with some champagne, and make their way on to experience the incredible scenery of Peru’s countryside. They booked a twin room and show it off in its daytime configuration. They show off all the features, including robes, slippers, and extra pillows that make for their ultimate comfort.

There is a large window just over the seating area, where they can look out and enjoy the nonstop views Peru has to offer. They travel by a river, enjoy more champagne, and decide to head back out to the observation car. They keep traveling higher up on the mountain just before touring the bar, where a bartender awaits to put together nearly any drink you could think of.

Everything consumed on board is included as part of your ticket price. There are two restaurant cars and a second lounge area—just when Jeb thought things couldn’t get more spectacular, he and his wife were upgraded to the largest room on the train.

They go on to share the restaurant car, highlight items on the menu and enjoy their unique selections. Explaining that this isn’t the type of train ride where you just want to get there, Jeb shares that you can partake in excursions, which let you taste a slice of Peru as you travel through.

He does a fabulous job of narrating the entire video, sharing fun facts, and giving you a real sense of what this incredible train ride is truly like. The video ends with Jeb and Susan sharing a few clips that demonstrate their sense of humor.

Watch as Jeb Brooks and his wife, Susan, ride first-class and enjoy Peru on the Andean Explorer.

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