This Girls Arm Disappears as She Baits a Huge Fish With a Hot Dog

Written by Kirstin Opal
Published: October 12, 2022
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Nothing beats a day on the water, whether you’re relaxing in a boat, swimming with friends, or fishing with your family. The warm breeze on your skin, a couple of cold drinks in the cooler, and some fresh worms are all you need for a great day on the lake… oh, and hot dogs! 

Believe it or not, you can use a good ol’ hot dog to catch fish! Check out this viral Youtube Short showing how easy one individual makes it look. All she does is slap the hot dog on the surface of the water and within seconds, she’s wrist-deep inside a fish! 

For a very long time, hot dogs have been a go-to bait in the world of fishing, especially for kids. The best part about angling with franks is that you’ve already paid for your meal if you end up being skunked. 

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But how would you ever try to fish with hot dogs? Are there any methods you could suggest? 

Is it really as simple as slapping the hot dog around on the surface of the water? You may have a fantastic day fishing with hot dogs because, believe it or not, fish will really eat them. 

People frequently overthink fishing. Basically, it comes down to this. Fish are ravenous. Additionally, if you give them food, they will consume it. That is all the time you need to set the hook – even if they hold it in their mouth until spewing it out. 

Yes, employing lures and live bait may help you catch more fish because they closely mirror a fish’s natural diet. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they won’t consume a ballpark frank if given the chance.

Using Meat as Bait 

Although there are a few different methods to rig your dog, you can really fish with it in the same way that you would any other kind of bait. If you’d like, you can use a straightforward hook and bobber rig with a split shot. Alternately, you may let it sink to the bottom to pounce on bottom feeders like catfish or cooler summer waters.

Hilariously, the woman in the video counts her fingers after taking her hand out of the fish’s mouth! Many of the comments mention that she’s lucky it was just a fish. Imagine if an alligator or hungry shark were nearby! She’d be saying “see ya later” to half of her arm! 

Luckily, this young angler is perfectly safe. You can tell at the end of the experience, she wasn’t even expecting the fish to grab onto her as it did. This is why you’ll want to use one of the methods mentioned earlier when fishing using a frank! Next time you’re packing up for a day on the water, don’t forget a trip to the grocery store for some hot dogs! 

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