This Guy Argues With The Same Bird. Every. Day.

Written by Peyton Warmack-Chipman
Published: January 10, 2023
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We all have those little things that just really get to us. Whether it’s your pestering roommate, that light by your house that seems to always be red, or that one co-worker that just can’t seem to understand the project.

We all get annoyed from time to time, but this guy has a fight every single morning. GLautomotive on tiktok posted a video that has since gone viral because of his seemingly love-hate relationship with this bird.

In the video, we see a small crow on top of a car with the caption “Me and this bird fight every morning,” and as the video goes on, you can see very clearly that they do.

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This guy yells at the bird, telling him to get off his car (using pretty profane language) while the bird squawks back at him- as if the bird is yelling back! You can sense the tension between these two as they get into a heated tit-for-tat.

Crows- Man’s Best Friend?

Unfortunately for this fellow, crows can get very attached and have a great memory- they can even recognize faces! Crows have been trusted companions of humans for many centuries and are known to reliably come back.

That means that this guy might be fighting with this crow every morning for the rest of his life! Well, for the rest of the crow’s life. Crows typically live to seven or eight years old but can live much longer if in good health.

Many people have pointed out in the comments that this crow might be a baby. As he starts to tap the crow, the crow opens its mouth and tilts its head back, like it’s ready to be fed! Maybe he’s convinced that GLautomotive is its mother!

Budding Best Friends

GLautomotive said in the comments that he hasn’t seen the bird in over a week. It’s odd for crows to take a hiatus like that, so he may have actually scared it off.

In any case, you can tell there’s an underlying friendship here. The fact that the bird lets him grab its beak and that the bird doesn’t fly away already shows a lot. Either the bird is comfortable with this guy or he’s really got a point to prove!

I think that the way these two fight is similar to how siblings fight- you want to rip their head off, but you love them more than anyone. It seems that GLautomotive is going to miss this bird…

Next time you’re ticked off by someone, just be grateful that you don’t fight with a bird at the start of every day!!

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