This is How Much Chicken and Rice You Can Feed a Dog (Chart by Size, Weight)

Written by Marisa Wilson
Updated: October 27, 2023
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Dog owners love to make sure their furry friend gets the best possible food. But what’s the right amount of chicken and rice to feed a dog? People have been feeding their pets chicken and rice for years, and it’s a popular combination because it’s affordable and easy to make. Do you know if this is the best option for your pet? Some pet owners believe that chicken and rice can provide all the nutrients their dog needs, but is this actually true? Keep reading to find out!

Rice Benefits for Your Dog

Rice is a simple grain, but it is actually a complex and nutrient-rich food. It contains over 15 essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, and folic acid. It is low in fiber and complex carbohydrates. 

All the vitamins work together to support a healthy diet. For example, the iron in rice helps carry oxygen to the cells, while potassium helps regulate blood pressure. Folic acid is vital for pregnant dogs to prevent birth defects.

As you can see, rice is more than just a simple grain: It is an essential part of a healthy diet. Rice is affordable and versatile, making it an excellent food for both people and dogs alike. It works with a lot of homemade dog food recipes.

Chicken Benefits for Your Dog

Chicken is hailed as a healthy choice for humans, but it can be just as beneficial for dogs. It is great for adding a source of protein that can help dogs build muscle, and it is also easily digestible. In addition, chicken contains Omega 6 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining healthy skin and fur.

Paired with a balanced diet, chicken can provide numerous benefits for dogs of all ages and sizes. For example, chicken can help to keep bones strong and reduce the risk of joint problems. It enables the immune system to stay strong and helps to keep weight at a healthy level. In short, chicken is an excellent source of nutrition for dogs, and incorporating it into their diet can have impressive results.

Easy On Your Dog’s Tummy

Chicken and rice are a great addition to your dog’s daily diet, but they are not nutritious enough for them to be the only source of food. The bland, easily-digestible diet can help soothe your dog’s digestive system, and the rice provides gentle relief from nausea and cramping. 

Chicken and rice are also relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare, making them a convenient option for pet owners. It’s excellent for older dogs who have sensitive tummies. Additionally, many dogs enjoy the taste of chicken and rice, so it’s unlikely that your dog will need to be coaxed into eating this bland diet. If your dog is experiencing digestive issues, chicken and rice may be a helpful solution.

Reasons to Feed Your Dog

Dogs can get upset stomachs or diarrhea for many different reasons. Sometimes, they may eat something that doesn’t agree with them or have a virus. If your dog’s stomach is upset or has diarrhea, you can do a few things to make your pet feel better. You can start by feeding them small amounts of plain chicken and rice. 

This will help to settle their stomach and give them some nutrients. If your dog’s upset stomach persists, or if they begin vomiting, you should take them checked out to make sure there isn’t a more severe problem. By being aware of the causes and treatments of upset stomach and diarrhea in dogs, you can help your furry friend feel better when they’re not feeling their best.


Dog’s Weight (pounds)Cups of Chicken and Rice

How to Make Chicken and Rice

You can make chicken and rice for your dog by baking the chicken and making rice separately. To bake the chicken:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Put the chicken on an oven-safe dish and bake for 25-45 minutes, or until the internal temperature of 165. The amount of chicken should be considered as it could take longer.
  3. After the chicken is done, shred it into small pieces using a fork or a pair of tongs.

To make the rice:

  1. Bring water to a boil (2 cups)
  2. Add one cup of rice and reduce the heat to low.
  3. Simmer, covered, for 20 minutes, or until the rice is tender.
  4. After cooking it, fluff the rice with a spoon and mix in the shredded chicken.
  5. Serve warm.


Finding the perfect diet for their furry friend can be complex for many pet owners. That is why it is so important to consult with a vet or animal nutritionist to make sure you are meeting your pup’s nutritional needs. If your dog is struggling with a sensitive stomach, adding chicken and rice to their diet can be a great way to provide them with some gentle relief. When paired with other healthy foods, this bland, easily-digestible meal can help soothe their digestive system and give them the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Why not try cooking your doggie a homemade meal using this simple recipe? They’ll love you for it!

If you’re having difficulty figuring out the exact ratios of each, or simply don’t have time to cook them yourself and prepare them multiple times each day, we suggest the following healthy products:

  1. Purina Pro Plan High Protein Chicken and Rice
    • Comes in chicken and rice flavor
    • Contains glucosamine for your puppy’s cartilages and joints
    • Uses whole grain wheat
    • Contains DHA for brain and vision development
    Check Chewy Check Amazon
  2. Jinx Chicken, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato Kibble Dry Dog Food
    • Contains natural fiber and antioxidants
    • Lean protein for added muscle mass
    • Good for digestion
    • Contains Vitamins A, E and C
    Check Chewy
  3. Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice
    • Made for dogs who are really active
    • Rich in antioxidants and probiotics
    • Contains no corn, grain, or fillers
    • Cage-free chicken is the primary component
    Check Chewy Check Amazon
  4. Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Complete Essentials Chicken & Rice Entree Wet Dog Food, 13-oz can, case of 12

    •Ideal wet dog food for 7+ years of age

    •Formulated protein:fat ratio for healthy weight & body condition

    •Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin & coat

    Check Chewy Check Amazon

Is “Minute Rice” a Good Option for Your Dog?

12 different square wooden boxes of different varieties of rice take up the frame.

Instant, or “minute rice”, can be cooked in a microwave in very little time.


From this article, you have hopefully read and learned about the benefits of rice and chicken for your pup, but just looking through the cooking instructions and the time involved, cooking rice can be a little tricky and a bit of a hassle. Not to mention, the amount of rice stuck to the bottom of the pan!

So if you are looking for a way to cut down on the headaches for you and speed up the process, should you turn to instant rice? Is that going to cause some problems? Are the benefits the same?

The answer is yes, if you need to save time and if it helps you give better care and nutrition to your dog. While instant rice should not cause any problems that regular white rice would, it will not have the same amount of nutrients. Instant brown or wild rice is probably another story, however.

“Minute rice” is basically precooked and ready to be heated up. It will not quite have the same flavor as regular rice, but when you are feeding it to your hound you probably want something on the bland side.

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