This Monkey Holds On For Dear Life as He Hangs Upside Down With Predators Below

Written by Hannah Crawford
Published: December 11, 2023
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Holding on for dear life takes on a whole new meaning when it is literal! We often use this phrase when talking about menial things in life. We’re holding on for dear life as we ride a roller coaster to the bottom or holding on for dear life as we wait for the next paycheck to hit. 

But, for this wild monkey, found himself in a situation where letting go would mean his demise. Let’s see this monkey hold on for dear life below!

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Monkey and Tiger Sighting 

The TikTok short video just above this section shares footage of a wild monkey amid a river full of tigers. The Wild Animals TikTok channel gathered and shared this video with their followers. Their page has already received over one million likes as they share videos of animals such as rams, elephants, lions, wild dogs, wildebeest, and birds. 

Hungry Tigers Wait for Monkey to Drop

As the video above starts, we see the activity unfolding. A group of tigers are wading in the water and are likely there to cool off. When suddenly, a very chipper monkey crawls across a tree overhead. This monkey is not afraid, as their ability to climb trees is like none other. 

For example, the American Museum of Natural History comments that spider monkeys have opposable thumbs, which helps them to “use their hands like hooks and swing from branch to branch.” 

 Abruptly, the tree starts to give way. The monkey slips and grabs onto a tiny branch that looks as if it could snap at any moment. The tigers seemingly lick their lips, just waiting for their food to drop, almost like the Bible of old shares how mana (food) just fell from the sky. At that moment, we see the fear in this monkey’s eyes as he hangs on for dear life.

Do Tigers Eat Monkeys?

Siberian Tiger eating meat

Tigers can live up to 25 years in the wild.

©Thorsten Spoerlein/

Tigers (Panthera tigris) of the genus Panthera are fierce mammals that reside in Asia and Eurasia. As carnivores, they eat meat. Tigers prey on larger animals such as deer, cattle, and wild boar. Their ability to reach up to 60 miles per hour gives them the perfect advantage of catching up to almost any prey trying to outrun them.

However, yes, tigers are known to eat monkeys as well. Even though monkeys are significantly smaller than cows and weigh up to 1,800 pounds, they still make for a good snack for them to eat. And as we can see from the video above, these tigers were not about to let a free meal dropping from the sky pass them up. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Laura Kathleen Lewis/

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