This Monkey Knows He Shouldn’t Touch a Porcupine, but Does Anyway

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: January 6, 2023
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This delightful video shows a hilarious encounter between a monkey and a porcupine. In the video, we see the monkey approach the porcupine cautiously at first, carefully watching its every move. Monkeys are smart of course, and this one knows he shouldn’t touch a porcupine — but the curiosity is just too much to contain, and soon enough he pokes his prickly friend anyway!

Although initially tentative in his approach, the monkey quickly became highly animated as he engaged in playful, teasing-like behavior with the large porcupine. After a few pokes, however, the monkey’s porcupine friend springs into action, turning the tables on the monkey and chasing him down! With his long arms waving high in the air, the monkey takes off with the porcupine following closely behind. Just before the two reach the edge of the island, however, the monkey swings his body up a thin branch, and the porcupine makes a U-turn to avoid falling down into the water below.

Did this little monkey make a new friend? Perhaps the porcupine was angry at being bothered, or maybe he was equally enthusiastic about playing with the monkey  — which is actually more likely than you might imagine. 

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Playing Is Important for Animals

You see, play is not just for fun — it’s essential! In fact, play is incredibly important for animals, both within a single species and even between different species. Play helps animals build and strengthen social bonds, practice survival skills, develop cognitive abilities, and enhance their overall psychological well-being. Through play, animals can sharpen their agility and coordination by chasing one another or honing their hunting skills with prey. 

Play also provides a much-needed outlet for stress relief, allowing animals to escape the pressures of everyday life. Whether it’s a lion cub roughhousing with its pride or a puppy frolicking in the yard — or even a monkey playing tag with a porcupine — all creatures big and small come alive when they get to indulge in some good old-fashioned playtime!

Let us take this opportunity to celebrate the fact that all species seem to exhibit “play” in all its forms, (just like we see here in this video clip of a monkey playing with a porcupine). Play seems to aid all species in creating meaningful relationships with both humans and animals that inspire harmony amongst all living creatures — no matter what species we may be from.

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