This Monstrous 1,000lb Tiger Shark Is So Big It Looks Fake

Written by Eliana Riley
Updated: January 24, 2023
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Ever seen a monstrous tiger shark so big it looks fake? Intrigued; keep reading!

Largest Tiger Shark - tiger shark close up
Tiger sharks eat almost anything, including other sharks.

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Five Tiger Shark Facts

  • Tiger sharks can weigh up to one ton and measure 18 feet long!
  • This shark species is highly aggressive, so catching one is an incredible feat.
  • Tiger sharks are named for the tiger-like stripes that flow vertically on their body.
  • The diet of tiger sharks includes almost anything. From sea turtles to stingrays or even metal to garbage, tiger sharks are notorious for gobbling up anything they can get their fins on.
  • Unfortunately, tiger sharks have a reputation for attacking humans, and some attacks from tiger sharks have been fatal.

Imagine that you’re on a fishing trip. In the beautiful deep blue ocean waters, you cast your line and catch something insanely heavy. You pull and pull until you’re out of breath, and out from the water comes a grand piano! Well, maybe not a piano, but you’ve caught a fish that weighs the same amount: a massive tiger shark.

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You Won’t Believe This Monstrous Tiger Shark’s Size!

A giant sand tiger shark swims in a cave.
A giant sand tiger shark swims in a cave.

©Stefan Pircher/

In this video, a group of fishermen catch a tiger shark weighing 1,000 pounds! First, the group catches a yellow-eye snapper, a funny-looking fish with huge yellow eyes and light peach-colored scales. The clip starts with some explanation about bottom fishing near the Bahamas, including advice on deep-dropping techniques.

After sailing even farther out to sea through some course waters, the group snagged a rainbow runner weighing approximately 20 pounds and a barracuda. One might recognize the barracuda from another form of media. In the opening scene of Finding Nemo, this fish species invaded Merlin’s anemone home.

Finally, a massive tiger shark bites at a fisherman’s bait. Stress elevates as the tiger shark tries to retreat, but the group works to continue to reel him in. After flailing around, the shark surrenders, and the group approximates its length to be 14 feet. Following their feat, the fishermen cut the fishing wire with a snap! The shark was released back into the ocean to enjoy the rest of its day. For these fishermen, one could say that the day went swimmingly.

How to Catch a Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks can be found in areas with warm water temperatures. Therefore, checking out tropical or semi-tropical locations for tiger sharks is likely a good strategy for catching one. In the video, the fishermen caught their tiger shark in the Bahamas.

While tiger sharks’ set of stripes distinguishes them from other shark species, these stripes are not the only way to identify a tiger shark. In fact, as tiger sharks age, their stripes begin to fade. Another way to identify tiger sharks includes looking at their uniquely shaped serrated teeth.

However, the options for bait and fishing methods are not limited. Chumming is the best way to catch a tiger shark. Bait that can be used includes squidsardines, and mackerel. Drift fishing is where the bait is dragged slowly by a boat through the water. Saltwater jigging occurs when a lure is moved about by a jerking or jumping motion to entice fish to bite. Both methods are alternatives to chumming and have proved to be successful.

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Giant sand tiger shark swims in a cave.
Giant sand tiger shark swims in a cave.
© Stefan Pircher/

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