This Pack of Wild Dogs Sounds like Baby Birds As They Attack A Leopard

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 19, 2023
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The most biologically diverse national park in Botswana is Chobe National Park. It is located in the north of the nation and, after Gemsbok National Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve, is Botswana’s third-largest park. It contains one of the continent’s highest densities of wildlife.

A video shows just how intense wildlife can be when two opposing creatures interact with each other. A pack of African wild dogs can be seen fighting with a leopard in Savuti, park of the national park. 

Although we don’t have exact details, the leopard in this video looks small, meaning it could be young and inexperienced with other wild animals. Leopards are fast animals, reaching a peak speed of 30 miles per hour. They often use this and their dense muscle mass to get away from dangerous predators. 

Watch This Unfortunate Cat Encounter a Pack of Wild Dogs in the Video Below

Unfortunately for this cat, these wild dogs outnumber and outwit him. Something peculiar viewers have pointed out about the encounter is the unique noises coming from the wild dogs. It’s definitely not a sound you’d hear coming from a labrador or border collie! 

The Sounds of African Wild Dogs

One of the most interesting things about African wild dogs is that they hunt more successfully than any other large predator, with a success rate of over 80%. A huge, clever dog with a social structure life akin to wolves, the African wild dog is also known as the Cape hunting dog and the African painted dog.

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Wild canines are excruciatingly sociable, lively, and brimming with unbridled vitality. They seldom stay in one place for longer than a day or two and are continuously moving, which has led to their key position in the wild. These dogs produce a lot of unnerving noises, and many people find it disturbing that they often bow and smile at one another to signify affection and obedience.

The African wild dog is an extremely loud creature that makes screeches, squawks, and hoots that are similar to many popular bird calls, but they rarely make the sounds made by the more recognizable dog breeds we may have noticed. 

They truly don’t bark whatsoever, and a lone wild dog searching for the pack produces a “hoo” sound that is nearly perfectly like an owl in the night rather than howling. The pack makes noises similar to a boisterous dolphin pod or a group of tiny birds when hunting and eating! Despite having no relation to hyenas, they likewise make a lot of cackling noises.

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