This Panther and Rottweiler are Best Friends

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 24, 2022
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Sometimes we make friends with people we’d never imagine sharing our lives with. Whether it’s having things in common, running in similar circles, or just by fate, having quality friendships is one of the best parts of life. It makes everything much more enjoyable.

In the animal kingdom, most animals, wild or domestic, tend to befriend those of the same species. Even then, they prefer to stick to those in their own pack. No one was expecting a dynamic duo to come together when a panther and rottweiler met. 

Luna is a black panther, sometimes known as a black leopard. Luna’s mother stopped feeding her on the seventh day after she was born in the traveling zoo where she was born. Unfavorable outcomes resulted from the zoo staff’s failure to discover that the kitten had been tossed out of the nest right away.

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This gorgeous black panther now lives in a loving home with other animals, including a friendly rottweiler. Many people see the dog and think it’s violent or dangerous, which is a common urban legend. In actuality, the Rottweiler is a loyal, amiable, and loving canine. 

Although Rottweilers can adapt to coexisting with other animals, you should always exercise caution around smaller pets that a dog would regard as prey, including cats or rabbits. Although Rottweilers typically get along well with other dogs, making sure that everyone is neutered will help to avoid any territorial behavior.

A New Lease on Life 

The zoo contacted Luna’s new owner Victoria, a specialist in wild cat rehabilitation, and she consented to take on the little panther. Victoria often went to the zoo to take care of the panther and finally decided to bring the cat home so she could live with her family and be taken care of. She already had a rottweiler named Venza, and she was concerned that the new puppy wouldn’t get along with her precious pup.

Venza, the precious dog in this Youtube Short, shows just how playful she is. Whether she’s running around the yard or getting in the car to go for a ride, her best friend, Luna is by her side. It’s not common for two animals with such different backgrounds to get along. Thankfully, these two are practically attached at the hip. 

Following a lengthy introduction and ensuring their compatibility process, a lovely friendship developed. They are always together, playing, running, and discovering their surroundings. They are unbreakable. They look so cute together and are the greatest of friends!

Watching these two enjoy life together restores our hope in society. We couldn’t be happier to know that people like Victoria are willing to help wild animals return to health and provide them with an incredible life with furry friends they never imagine having. You can follow the two adorable animals on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

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