This Peregrine Falcon Face Plants When Bringing Food to Their Chicks

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: November 24, 2022
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Live streams of nesting birds are very popular and give many office workers a break from video conference calls! If you are lucky, you get to see some cute chicks hatching and very rarely, you also get to see something hilarious.  This peregrine falcon dad does not make the best landing as he attempts to deliver a dead bird to his chick. In fact, he manages to face plant the side of the building in a very undignified display of flying expertise.

Peregrines and Face Plants

This peregrine falcon was filmed in Melbourne, Australia. They are one of the most powerful birds of prey on the planet and are able to live on all continents except Antarctica. There are actually 19 distinct peregrine subspecies throughout the world.

These falcons are also fairly large. Their bodies are up to two feet in length and they can have a wingspan up to almost four feet. We see a male here and they are slightly smaller than the females. An average adult female weighs around 1.8 pounds but an average adult male weighs around 1.5 pounds. Apart from the difference in size, males and females look fairly similar. They both have a distinctive hooked beak and usually dark in color. Adults usually have paler plumage on their underside that can have dark barring.

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Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine falcons attack birds in the air

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Peregrine Falcon Diet

This adult bird has caught a smaller bird and is bringing it back to share with the chick. These birds are true carnivores and highly skilled predators. They hunt by soaring high above the ground and watching out for prey. Their main target is other birds in the air although they will also take small animals from the ground and even insects if other sources of food are rare.

So many bird species are potential prey for peregrine falcons it would be impossible to list them all here. It is estimated that they will happily catch and eat more than 2000 different species of birds alone. They like plump birds that provide a hearty meal the best so they will always target pigeons, ducks and doves if they can.

In turn, these falcons are preyed upon by eagles and some owls. Also, nesting falcons can be attacked by some reptiles and mammals. Perhaps, that is why these falcons have chosen to build their nest so high up in a building in the middle of Melbourne!  

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