This Playful Otter Wants to Be Friends With a Kayaker So Badly

Written by Alan
Published: November 11, 2022
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Sea otters are a species of the weasel family (Mustelidae). They are classified in the subfamily Lutrinae, which also includes weasels, polecats, ferrets, and minks.

Sea otters are one of the pinnipeds, members of the order Carnivora. The marine mammal is found in coastal waters of the northern Pacific Ocean.

Sea otters have an extremely thick layer of blubber (fat) to keep them warm in their arctic habitat. As a result, they spend most of their time in the water, with only their heads protruding above water to breathe. 

Their fur consists of two layers: a dense woolly undercoat and longer guard hairs. This furry coat helps insulate them from water and cold temperatures and makes them more buoyant as they can’t stay submerged for long periods.

Sea otters are incredible creatures. According to the video, the beautiful animal is trying hard to climb the kayak and make friends with the kayaker.

Otters have long tails that are used for balance in the water. In addition, their feet are webbed, so they can swim exceptionally well without sinking into the water or getting stuck on land when moving from one place to another.

Are Otters Dangerous to Humans?

Otters are not aggressive, but they won’t hesitate to defend themselves if they perceive an attack from a human. Sometimes, an otter may bite or scratch a human in self-defense. Fortunately, these incidents are sporadic and usually only occur when the animal is cornered or startled by a person’s presence.

Otters have sharp teeth and claws that can cause severe injuries if provoked in a confined space. Therefore, if you encounter an otter in the wild, it’s best to leave it alone so it can go about its business without human interference.

Otter Teeth - Otter showing teeth
Otters have sharp teeth and claws that can cause severe injuries if provoked in a confined space.

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What Are Otters Afraid Of?

Otters eat fish, crabs, snails, frogs, insects, and other small animals. They catch their prey by chasing it into shallow waters or by diving underwater to find it. Some otter species can hold their breath for up to six minutes underwater.

Otters live in dens made from hollow logs or abandoned beaver lodges. Dens may also be found in rocky outcroppings or under large tree roots, where they are protected from predators such as wolves, bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and alligators.

Otters are territorial animals. They use their scent glands to mark their territory with urine or feces when they leave their dens at night to hunt for food.

Otters are not that vulnerable to predators. They are good swimmers and can stay underwater for up to six minutes at a time. In addition, otters have strong claws that allow them to hold on and get out of danger quickly. 

Otter’s thick fur protects them from injuries when fighting with other animals or from sharp objects in the water. They can also store food in their pouches while at sea and eat it later.

Otters live in groups called rafts. A raft consists of a mother otter and her babies. The raft may also include other females who don’t have their babies with them at that time.

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