This Rattlesnake Is No Match for a Hungry Gator

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: January 24, 2023
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Alligators, when hungry, are more than capable of attacking any animal they can overpower. They won’t hesitate, even if the animal is venomous. Researchers are still unsure just how immune alligators are to snake venom.

This video opens with a view of a pond. You can spot several alligators right away, their eyes peeking just above the green-tinted water. The video then focuses on one alligator as it slithers on the water with its long, bony back visible.

The video then cuts to a rattlesnake slithering atop the water with ease, moving swiftly with its head up and its tongue flicking into the air. The alligator seems to have spotted the rattlesnake and makes its way closer to it.

Large eastern diamondback rattlesnake
Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes are the largest rattlesnake species and are considered to be the most dangerous venomous snake in North America.

©Chase D’animulls/

As the snake makes its way onto land, you can appreciate just how large it is. Its body is girthy, and it’s much longer than it first appeared when it was slithering across the water. It starts to rattle once on land and the alligator keeps its attention focused, stalking its prey.

The next scene shows the alligator on land, positioned right next to the rattlesnake. At one point, the snake is facing the gator head-on, and you can see the gator’s teeth with its mouth slightly open as the camera focuses the lens on the snake.

The scene doesn’t look too menacing—it’s as if they’re both just hanging out. Suddenly, the gator inches forward and makes its way even closer to the rattlesnake. The snake, offended by the invasion of space, reacts by moving away from the gator’s body and attempting an escape.

As it slithers away, a gator comes right in and snatches its head with its powerful jaws. It’s unclear if it was the same gator or another, as several can be seen lying next to each other. The gator chomps down on the rattlesnake’s head and quickly retreats to the water as if to let the other gators know it’s not interested in sharing.

The video goes on to show another angle of the same scene—when the gator snatches up the rattlesnake with ease. There’s a bit of commotion in the water as the gator tries to consume its meal. The video cuts to another scene, where two gators are chomping at the rattlesnake.

They each bite at it and pull pieces of it apart while the gator on the left gets most of the snake’s body. You can hear the sloppy bites the gator takes, as its teeth break through the snake’s skin. The gator tries again to walk off with its kill, but the other hungry gators keep trying to get a taste. The video ends as they make their way behind the brush.

Hungry alligators will eat just about anything – even a venomous snake.

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alligator looking at camera with mouth open
alligator looking at camera with mouth open

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