This Trapped Bobcat Doesn’t Realize When He’s Freed

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: October 21, 2022
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Due to its short, bobbed tail, the bobcat is the most prevalent wild cat in North America. It is a standard-size cat, marginally smaller than the lynx, its cousin, but otherwise looking quite similar. Its coat can be any shade of brown or beige, with black or dark brown patches or lines marking it. 

The size of bobcats varies greatly depending on their geographic region, with bobcats from the north normally being larger than those from the south. Like most animals, males are typically larger than females.

People from all over enjoy a hunting technique involving catching and releasing bobcats. Catch and release are normally associated with fish, but many states allow hunters to apply this method to big cats as well.

There are numerous reasons to catch a bobcat. Most people don’t want these ferocious felines in their neighborhood, especially if they have pets or small children that play outside. During a catch and release, a hunter would normally call the local wildlife agency and they’d take over from there. 

Lethal Tactic Outdoors is a Youtube channel that deals will all sorts of wildlife situations. In a recent video, hosts of the channel and outdoor enthusiasts Cody Morris and Larry Simmons catch a bobcat using a rubber paw trap.

This type of trap catches the animal by the paw without doing any significant damage to its body. The hunting duo takes photos of the wild animal, before using a large, flat piece of wood as protection when they move closer to the cat. 

Releasing a Bobcat

Except for the breeding season and while females are raising kittens, bobcats live alone. Although they rarely speak, bobcats are capable of making loud growls and snarls, which are clearly heard in this video. Screams and hisses are audible during mating seasons

The bobcat is an extremely possessive animal. Male territories often overlap with those of multiple females, but female territories are never shared by them. They use smell markers to define their territories.

Deadliest Cats - Bobcat
Although they rarely speak, bobcats are capable of making loud growls and snarls.

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Cody and Larry get closer to the bobcat to release his paw whilst guarding themselves against a dangerous attack. They get his paw loose from the trap and it takes a while for the feline to notice. Even though the trap is rubber, the way the cat tries to get out of it can leave them in a little bit of pain. 

Morris and Simmons toss a small stick at the animal and it quickly runs off into the snowy forest behind him. A lot of the comments on the video don’t see the point in trapping the animal in the first place if they’re just going to release it. 

Trapping can teach wild animals that a certain area where the traps are placed is no longer safe for them. This helps keep them away from places where they’re not welcome or could harm people or animals.

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