Three Charming Bear Cubs on a Swing Set Prove Kids Are Kids

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: August 25, 2022
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The town of Whistler, which is located north of Vancouver in British Columbia is known for its luxurious ski resort. While skiers come from all over the United States to hit the slopes, locals basque in the wildlife of their beloved town. 

Kevani Macdonald uploaded the most adorable video to Youtube showcasing some furry visitors in her neighbor’s backyard. In the incredible footage, you can spot a mother black bear and her three cubs. The mamma looks like she’s scouring for food while her children play.

There aren’t many creatures that like playing as much as bear cubs do. As it turns out, these cute critters don’t mind playing as human toddlers do either, even though they typically prefer to run free when they come across a puddle or an open field.

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Nearby, there’s a child’s swing set, complete with swings and a slide. The bear cubs were in for a treat when one of them discovered the fun of a swing. Grasping at the seat while his siblings went off to wrestle, this little bear started spinning around. 

You can tell he’s having a blast, as he keeps on spinning anytime the swing slows down. We can’t imagine witnessing a moment like this. It’s obvious that the bear family in the footage is not an isolated incident. In the hopes of having a nice time in their swimming pools, swings, and, of course, looking for food that has been left out in the open, these creatures frequently visit people’s backyards.

Nothing to Be Afraid Of 

Living in a region where there are many of these bears may sound frightening, but it turns out that they are actually extremely cautious. Anyone may simply chase away black bears; even the tiniest dog will suffice. Researchers from the North American Bear Center claim that they have never encountered a black bear that they could not drive away.

The smallest and most prevalent of the three bear species found in America is the black bear. They stand two to three feet tall at the withers and measure roughly 4 to 7 feet from nose to tail. It features shaggy hair, small eyes, curved ears, a long nose, a big body, and a short tail. Black bear weight varies greatly based on age, gender, and season. Bears can weigh up to 30% more in the autumn than in the spring.

Black bears are skilled climbers and are frequently seen ascending trees in photos. The branches provide protection from predators for the young, and their claws give them an excellent grip. Cubs are known to be highly daring, scaling great heights in the trees or like in this video, onto a child’s swingset! Check out the precious footage below and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear in no time. 

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black bear cubs
Two black bear cub siblings resting in a tree branch together.
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