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Thumbs Up For Teachers!!

Thumbs Up For Teachers!!

22nd March 2010
Education and the ability to acquire and then use knowledge is one of the things that sets human beings apart from all other animals on Earth. Over the years we have passed our knowledge down to the next generation meaning that we have grown and developed as a species, changing the face of our planet forever.

Education is something that we consider to be one of the most fundamental parts of life, yet something which many of us so openly take for granted, is simply not available to millions of people all around the world. In areas where there is little water and extreme poverty, education is a luxury, as children that would be starting school in the UK, are forced to go out to work. Not only does this mean that children loose their childhood years, but they are also then never fully prepared to provide a decent education to future generations.

Link Community Development (LCD) is an incredible organisation that focuses on improving access to quality education in sub-Saharan Africa. Not only does LCD work with the teachers and students themselves, but they also do a great deal with schools across Europe and the United States to raise awareness and understanding of the conditions faced by people in deprived areas.

Hat and Rory, two heroic students from Leeds, are working incredibly hard to raise money for this phenomenal cause by hitch-hiking the 1,200 miles from Leeds to Morocco. Aiming to raise 1,000 GBP, their journey will take them from Leeds, through France and Spain to Morocco, with only their thumbs to get them by!

A-Z Animals strongly believes that everyone has the right to a decent education and is so impressed by the dedication of these two students, that we are going to donate 20% of all profits from Friday 19th March when they set off, until June 15th, when the fund-raising ends, to help them to reach their target.

The Students!

The Students!

Not everyone is as lucky as we are and as animals, we must help those of our own who are vulnerable and in need. By donating just a few quid, you can really help to make a difference to the future of thousands of children and teachers throughout the countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information about Link Community Development or to sponsor the student's hitch-hike, please follow the links below.

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