Too Slow! Watch This Clumsy Crocodile Miss Its Zebra Lunch by Mere Inches

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: June 8, 2023
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Frustration is a typical emotion when you attempt something but utterly fail. It appears that a crocodile experienced the same feelings after missing its chance to catch its victim. A lone zebra was walking slowly across a body of water.

Comments under the video mention that the animal is moving so slowly, they believe it may be injured. Just as the zebra reaches the shore, you can see a crocodile launch its massive body out of the water.

Thankfully for the zebra, the ancient beast misses and slides back into the murky water. The reptile responded to this miss by becoming irrational. We can see the crocodile splashing in the water as if it were a young child throwing a fit for not getting their way.

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Are Crocodiles Emotional Animals?

Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)
Crocodiles can easily swallow animals whole.

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Just like humans, reptiles like crocodiles can feel emotions. Fear and aggression are the two emotions that reptiles exhibit most frequently. These are fundamental feelings that support the fight, flight, or freeze response. 

Animals of all kinds respond to a sense of danger by either engaging in combat or fleeing. When they are frightened, they will either behave violently and engage in combat or they may flee or freeze up completely. 

The crocodile in this video is clearly frustrated and shows aggression by splashing around. Many viewers are surprised the animal didn’t continue after the zebra on land. A few deliberate sluggish strides from the zebra or a few quick movements from the crocodile could have made all the difference.

Crocodile Hunting Strategy

Crocodiles follow potential prey slyly while hunting hidden in plain sight. A few animals wait for their victim to drink or relax near the water’s edge. Big mammals like zebras, wildebeests, and people can be killed and eaten by a wide variety of species. After capturing its meal, a croc will pull it into the water where it will drown.

Crocodiles can use water to camouflage.


If the prey is small enough, crocodiles are going to consume it whole, but if it is larger, they will use their strong jaws and teeth to tear it apart. They also use their impressive bite force to fracture the tough shell of a lobster or a turtle. 

While humans are not often their prey, Nile crocodiles like the one in the video we have below, will consume buffaloes and as well people!  Adult crocodiles require between two and five pounds of meat per day on average, which is around 5% of their weekly body weight. 

A wild crocodile rarely has the opportunity to eat every single day because most meals are rare occasions. Instead, they might have a substantial meal to tide them over for a few days until they come across their next victim. For sustenance, adult crocodiles may devour 50 substantial meals annually.

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common zebra or Burchell's zebra
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