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Top 5 Household Pets by Swell Reptiles

Top 5 Household Pets by Swell Reptiles

18th September 2014
The Pet Food Manufacturers Association claims that over 46% of households in the United Kingdom have pets.* That’s a lot of water changes, walks, cages cleaned, food bowls refilled and tummies scratched.

A pet is widely recognised as an ideal addition to the household. Owning a pet, especially a cat or dog is said to reduce stress and provide comfort and fun to any family.

Looking at the top 5 household pets will highlight the benefits and possible disadvantages of that particular choice. So, if you’re looking for a new pet, this is useful information!

1. Dogs
Man’s best friend is always at the top of any favourite pet list. Dependable, trusting and so loyal, dogs will always be happy to see you. A great family pet, dogs can get the whole clan out for walks and join you on holidays and day trips. Children can get involved in feeding, training and grooming, to instil responsibility and nurturing instincts.

They will need training, especially puppies which can be both time consuming and frustrating. However with lots of love and patience, your dog will become a member of the family.

2. Cats
Cats have risen in the ranks of household pets in recent years. Loved for their aloof attitude and independence, cats are a great pet for those without the time for walks and are out of the home for some time. Cats can be very loving and playful, and a real companion for everyone. If you prefer to have a house cat, he will require lots of exercise in the form of play and somewhere to scratch, or your sofa will be the likely victim.

Kittens are gorgeous, fluffy bundles that only the hardest hard can resist. However, they need patient toilet training and as they mature will need neutering to avoid unwanted litters and the inevitable spraying around your home.

3. Reptiles
Fast becoming one of the most popular choices, reptiles of all kinds are becoming a real trend. Bearded Dragons for example are loved for their distinctive appearance and gentle nature. Like most reptiles they need special lighting and equipment to ensure that they have the right amount of heat and Vitamin D3 for good skeletal growth and overall health. Swell Reptiles have an extensive range of equipment from vivariums to food that will ensure your pet has everything he needs.

Because reptiles are low maintenance they are ideal for older children. You may find the equipment costly initially, but once set up they simply require feeding and cleaning regularly. As with all pets regular handling will bring out the best in a snake or lizard, which can live for decades. Good hand hygiene is essential to lessen the risk of salmonella, a common concern among reptile keepers.

4. Rabbit
Once they get to know you, rabbits can be affectionate pets. They need a secure run or large enclosed space in which to exercise. They are often paired with Guinea Pigs as they make a gentle, passive pair.

A hutch will provide him with shelter to sleep and to keep him safe, or if you want him to be a house rabbit a large cage will suffice. They need regular checks at the vet, especially their teeth, as they can cause real health problems if they become too long.

They can be defensive if they are not handled properly, and can bite and scratch if they aren’t too happy. Encourage children to treat a rabbit the same as a dog or cat, no surprise cuddles!

5. Hamsters
A popular choice for children and for those who don’t have a lot of time to exercise their pet. Hamsters and other rodents can be friendly little pets, as long as they are handled regularly so that they can get used to you. They will need a good sized cage, exercise equipment, a cosy bed and of course food and water.

They can nip, so it’s a good idea to supervise young children. Older children can take on the responsibility of a small pet, so it’s a good way to promote caring responsibilities and trust.

Whichever pet you choose, it’s a good idea to do as much research as possible before you buy. This will mean you and your family are well prepared for your new family member and can start a great new chapter together.