Top 5 Crystals for Pisces: Types, Meanings, and More!

Written by Courtney Wennerstrom
Updated: July 29, 2023
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Pisces…get cozy and look up: we are about to gaze at the stars for a moment. Or, at least, we will explore how the ancient wisdom of the stars, combined with the healing power of crystals, can help you live blissfully and boldly. We are here to explore how the top 5 crystals for Pisces will keep you happy and healthy, no matter what life throws your way.

Pisces Crystals

As a Pisces, you already know that you you were born between February 19 and March 20. You are also already aware that your astrological sign – represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions – symbolizes your adaptability, emotional depth, and fluid nature. Like Cancers and Scorpios – the other two water signs in the Western Zodiac – Pisces are notorious for their creativity, intuition, and profound compassion. But Pisces are extra sympathetic and tend to feel all the feels. You probably knew that, too.

Pisces Constellation stars in outer space. Zodiac Sign Pisces constellation stars. Elements of this image were furnished by NASA

Pisces is the 14th largest constellation in the sky, with Eta Piscium as its largest star.


Most Sensitive Sign in the Zodiac

Ok, so as a Pisces, you emote. A lot. In fact, according to astrologer Kesaine Walker, Pisces are notoriously the most sensitive sign in the Zodiac. Compassionate and deeply attuned to others, you prioritize intimacy and relationships. Your innate warmth and refined sincerity impress, attract, and delight, and people appreciate your willingness to listen and hold space for them.

Highly intuitive and imaginative, with a penchant for fantasy and the artistic, Pisces individuals are spiritually generous and elevated. Likewise, you are in touch with your emotions and pay close attention to the sentiments of others. Above all, you flow effortlessly between the spiritual realm and reality. Balancing between these two worlds gives Pisces an almost magical, dreamlike quality that renders you compelling, radiant, and lovable.

All of these positive traits can also be a burden, however. When confronted by the harsher aspects of existence for instance, Pisces tend to become sullen and moody. Your empathetic nature also makes you prone to energy vampires who want to take from your well of generosity. It can be difficult to maintain boundaries and practice self care when negative people overwhelm or drain you. Likewise, due to seemingly endless modern stressors and demands on your time and attention, Pisces can easily become depleted, withdrawn, and listless.

The good news is that many Pisceans turn to healing crystals to revitalize their physical, emotional, and psychic energy. And so can you! The top crystals for Pisces, aquamarine, amethyst, moonstone, fluorite, and bloodstone, with their restorative, protective, and grounding qualities, are your new BFFs.

I know, I know. All of this might sound a tad bit new age-y to take seriously – but read on. You just might be surprised.

Astrology’s Rich History

To begin, let’s talk about why astrology is so fascinating. For one, it has a long and extremely rich cultural and intellectual history. While scientists today consider it a pseudoscience, this study of celestial bodies once held tremendous power and influence and reigned as a highly-regarded academic pursuit. Moreover, its deep ties to astronomy, meteorology, medicine, and religion helped further and enhance these crucial disciplines we all rely on in the modern world.

In particular, the careful examination of celestial bodies advanced mathematical concepts, influencing both geometry and trigonometry. Astrology served as a precursor to astronomy, as early civilizations relied on the observations of the changing skies to develop calendars, keep time, understand natural phenomena, and navigate the seas. Over time, the two disciplines diverged, with astronomy embracing scientific methodologies and astrology evolving as a divinatory or spiritual practice.

Above all, astrology is ancient. The earliest known records of astrology come from ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), dating back to around the 3rd millennium BCE. Mesopotamian cultures, including the Sumerians and Babylonians, developed complex systems of divination and celestial observations. Ideologically and practically, they believed that the movements and positions the planets and stars could sway human affairs and predict future events. Similarly, the Egyptians associated various gods and goddesses with specific celestial bodies and believed that their movements controlled the destiny of both individuals and the entire kingdom. In Greece, influential philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle, also explored how celestial bodies shaped human experience.

Later in Europe, astrology experienced a revival during the Renaissance (14th to 17th centuries), with renewed interest in astrology’s ties to natural philosophy, science, and psychology. Astrology has left a lasting impression on art and art history as well. In short, despite its lost status as a science, its cultural and historical significance are undeniable.

Astrology Now

In the modern era, astrology continues to evolve and adapt – integrating philosophical and humanistic approaches. And even if many people today consider astrology obsolete or frivolous, it is still wildly popular. Before you laugh it off, it is important to recognize that 1 in 4 Americans, especially younger ones, believe in astrology. Exploring the positions of celestial bodies, such as the sun, moon, planets, and stars in relationship to the human psyche recalls an ancient wisdom that celebrates the many ways that we are connected to things bigger than ourselves. For these reasons, you do not need to believe in astrology scientifically to understand its value. The symbolic nature of the language of astrology alone gives us pause and acts as a powerful tool for self reflection and introspection.

Horoscopes, for example, are astrological predictions intended to highlight and reflect on human behavior. Well-written horoscopes – even when read just for entertainment value – can give us new perspectives and offer up novel ways of thinking. Frequently inspirational and insightful, horoscopes are bite-sized pieces of life advice worthy of consideration. And while fairly generalized, they contain gems of universal wisdom. Astrology and horoscopes are thus easily incorporated into broader spiritual or mystical practices.

After all, it is thrilling to imagine that we are somehow intertwined with – and influenced by – celestial bodies. That somehow, we belong to a larger reality than the one humans have created. In other words, to acknowledge that we are part of something bigger than ourselves – sun, moon, planets, stars, and all. Thus, as a philosophical and spiritual belief system, practitioners often turn to astrology to appreciate and contemplate the interconnectedness of all things, and to think critically about what fulfills and inspires us.

Astrology, Crystals, and Planetary Energies

Similarly to astrology, crystals act as symbolic representations of our relationship to both the external and our internal worlds. Those who believe in their healing or transformative powers use a variety of crystals to transmute bad experiences into beauty, find redemption, attract good luck, or even to find love. People also turn to crystals to manifest their dreams or initiate important life transitions. In many ways, using crystals to bring about new and different realities is a sound and rational practice. After all, modern psychologists support and encourage us to set intentions for good reason. And if crystals can help us do so, why not?

In astrology, personalities and emotions correlate to certain planets. Mercury facilitates communication, for instance, whereas Venus represents love and beauty, and Mars symbolizes strength and determination. Similarly, many people believe that crystals also align with planetary energies. Blue lace agate connects us to Mercury, rose quartz to Venus, and red jasper to Mars, and so on. Practitioners believe that crystals are a conduit for harnessing their corresponding planetary energies, thereby allowing us to get closer to the powers of the universe. If astrology encourages us reflect on our lives, crystals assist in doing something tangible with what we have learned.

Top 5 Crystals for Pisces

Ok, Pisces. Are you ready to meditate, set intentions, and replenish your energy reserves? Here are the top 5 crystals you need to stay grounded, balanced, focused, calm, and open.

1. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a top crystal for Pisces
Aquamarine is a gemstone that belongs to the beryl mineral family, which also includes emeralds. Its captivating blue to blue-green color mirrors and connotes the clear waters of the sea, making it an excellent crystal for Pisces.

Aquamarine, originating most commonly in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Russia, occupies an important place in ancient maritime folklore. Many moons ago sailors once relied on the gemstone’s protective qualities and carried it for good luck during long, dangerous voyages. In Latin, aquamarine fittingly translates to “water of the sea”, and has long been rumored to calm rough waters, protect sailors from shipwrecks, and ensure their safe return home. Travelers and adventurers of all kinds today continue to value aquamarine as a talisman of safety and courage – especially if they are venturing over oceans, lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water.

With a reputation for possessing the soothing, calming energies of the ocean, aquamarine beautifully complements the watery nature of Pisces. Emotional beings at the core, Pisces are easily overwhelmed. Whenever Pisces are experiencing an inner tempest, perhaps even drowning in their feelings, this gemstone can bring much needed comfort and peace.

On a spiritual level, it promotes harmony in relationships -something very valuable to the empathetic Pisces. Finally, aquamarine elevates psychic abilities and provides access to the spiritual realm where Pisces feel very at home.

How to Use Aquamarine Crystals

One popular way to for Pisces to benefit from aquamarine (and all of the top crystals on this list, really) is to wear them as jewelry. Donning aquamarine on the skin is fashionable and allows the gemstone to be in close contact with your energy field throughout the day. It is easy to find aquamarine jewelry, too, since this serene stone inspires gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. If you are planning to propose to a Pisces soon, you might even consider choosing an aquamarine engagement ring. This is doubly fitting and romantic because aquamarine boasts being a lover’s stone. In fact, both Buddhism and Christianity believe it promotes a happy marriage. Perhaps this is because its associations with the throat Chakra encourage open and loving communication.

It is also possible to infuse aquamarine energy into water that you can later drink or bathe in. For example, you can place an aquamarine near a glass or container of water for several hours overnight. In the morning, you can then drink the water or spray into into your space. As a pro-tip, be sure to cleanse and charge your aquamarine or any crystals before you use them.

As you will see, the other top crystals for Pisces listed below are equally beautiful and versatile, and you can use them in a similar way.


tumbled amethyst piece with zebra stripes and healed fractures
Amethyst is a variety of quartz with colors ranging from pale lavender to deep purple. The birthstone for the month of February, it is associated with the Zodiac signs of Pisces and Aquarius.

According to believers, amethysts – in all of the their regal purple glory – elevate intuition and clarity of thought. Because Pisces rely heavily on their instincts to navigate through life, these crystals can strengthen their intuitive sensibilities by enhancing their already strong psychic abilities. Amethysts offer guidance for making thoughtful decisions and encourage both physical and psychic healing.

As compassionate and open individuals, Pisces are vulnerable to psychic attacks and unhealthy attachments. Amethysts are revered for being protective stone that shields against these kinds of invasive forces. By cleansing and purifying the energy field around Pisces, amethysts ward off people or entities who might otherwise take advantage of their kind-hearted nature. Pisces can turn to amethysts for peace, emotional balance, and spiritual guidance.


Moonstone is the perfect crystal for the mysterious Pisces
Moonstone is characterized by its unique adularescent effect, an optical phenomenon that gives it a distinctive shimmer.

With its iridescent sheen and ethereal glow, Moonstone is the perfect crystal for the mysterious Pisces. Not only is the birthstone for March, but its associations with the moon and the divine feminine energy soothe and center the emotionally-sensitive Pisces. Moonstones’ shimmering optical phenomenon known adularescence happens due to the scattering and diffraction of light within the gemstone’s internal structure. When light enters the moonstone, it encounters alternating layers of different feldspar minerals, which have slightly different refractive indices. This causes the light to scatter, creating a beautiful sheen. Unsurprisingly, this dynamic and light-scattering crystal enhances intuition, facilitates lucid dreaming, and promotes a sense of peace and balance.

Moonstone can also support Pisces individuals in connecting with their emotions, enhancing their spiritual growth, and promoting empathy and compassion.



Fluorite, one of the top crystals for Pisces, is a mineral composed of calcium and fluorine. It is known for its vibrant colors and fluorescence under ultraviolet light, which gives is a radiant glow.


Pisces individuals have active imaginations and rich inner worlds. Versatile Fluorite can boost Pisces’ mood and bring mental clarity and focus, while improving organization. Pisces are highly creative, but often struggle to manifest their ideas into reality. By reducing stress, anxiety, and emotional turbulence, Fluorite allows Pisces to maintain a balanced and centered state, which enables their innate creativity to thrive.


Heliotrope, or bloodstone, is a dark green to dark bluish-green gemstone

Heliotrope, or bloodstone, is a dark green to dark bluish-green gemstone that often contains red or brownish-red spots or streaks. It belongs to the chalcedony family of minerals and is a variety of quartz.

© James St. John/CC BY 2.0 – License

People have long turned to bloodstone to find stability, strengthen their immune systems, mediate, enhance dream recall, and foster a deeper understanding of their spiritual path. Whew – that’s a lot of good stuff from one small crystal. And they are especially helpful for Pisces when they feel emotionally or spiritually exhausted.

Because they invest so much of their energy in others, Pisces individuals may sometimes feel drained or overwhelmed and are likely to experience compassion fatigue. This beautiful crystal can help recharge their energy reserves, increase endurance, and combat exhaustion and lethargy. When Pisces get stuck, bloodstone opens them back up, releasing emotional blockages and fostering courage and resilience. By balancing mood, bloodstone aligns the mind, body, and spirit.

Summary of Top 5 Crystals for Pisces: Types, Meanings, and More

1AquamarineComfort, Peace, and Psychic Abilities
2AmethystPeace, Emotional Balance, and Spiritual Guidance
3Moonstone Emotional Connection, Spiritual Growth, Empath, and Compassion
4FluoriteClarity, Focus, and Creativity
5BloodstoneCourage, Resilience, and Balance

The photo featured at the top of this post is © sutthisumdang

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