Top 5 Crystals for Sagittarius: Types, Meanings, and More!

Written by Micky Moran
Published: October 31, 2023
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A Sagittarius soul’s fun-loving and passionate heart is the warmth anyone needs before winter. They adapt well to any situation, making them much more flexible than the Capricorns that follow them. They love to explore, expand, and enjoy their fiery thirst for freedom. With the archer as this house’s symbol, a Sagittarius needs to have crystals that promote their positivity, loquaciousness, and independent spirit.

With a magnetizing charm, every Sagittarius needs crystals that amplify their outgoing size. They must push away negativity from their energy to continue embracing their loving heart. As a highly philosophical sign, they also need better mental clarity to express their thoughts properly. Crystals that encourage an adventurous streak also create a welcoming vibe.

Why Are Crystals Important for a Sagittarius?

Crystals are important for every sign, but Sagittarius’s need for clarity in communication and thinking makes them particularly essential. The right crystals for this personality increase their strength and cognition and help them understand who they are. If your sign is Sagittarius, having a crystal that matches your energy during the day makes you feel more confident and safe.

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Crystals have vibration energy, which means that they help you adjust your vibrations to be aligned with their properties. Being born under the Sagitarrius sign means you need crystals with positive energy, communication, and drive.

Crystals to Uplift Sagittarius Vibrations



As one of the most powerful crystals for bodily health, aventurine’s biggest advantage is how it soothes the nervous system.

©Marco Fine/

Choosing a green aventurine helps with troubled thoughts. While Sagittarians are generally good communicators, they tend to fumble over what they meant to say. The healing support of the aventurine helps them with their heart chakra. They give you a soothing sensation to help with anxiety and apprehension. They encourage Sagittarians to be bold and confident in everything they do.

The best way to take advantage of aventurine’s support is to wear it around. Some people keep it in their pocket or put it on a necklace to bring them luck during the day. If you don’t want to carry the raw mineral, aventurine is easy to find on jewelry. Wearing it as a ring is one of the most useful ways to get its powerful effects, keeping it within view at all times.

To find an aventurine in nature, you have to travel to India. Local artisans harvest and produce it for sale. They are sometimes found in Chile, Spain, and Russia.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz

No list of Sagittarius crystals is complete without the blue topaz, the birthstone of November and December.

©James St. John / CC BY 2.0 – License

Also known as a stone of peace and wisdom, blue topaz gemstones always find their way into a Sagittarius stash. With a vibrant yet gentle blue hue, these gemstones improve your spiritual connection with the universe. They strengthen the mind, providing wisdom and a drive for the truth to any Sagittarius. Blue is the throat chakra’s color, and using any of these stones helps with communication and clarity. Since the Sagitarrius is almost always talking, having some clarity keeps them on track. It also helps them to be precise in the message behind their conversations.

To take advantage of blue topaz energy, wear it as a necklace. By bringing this stone as close as possible to the throat chakra, you get more of the communicative benefits. During meditation, some people place a raw blue topaz stone on their throat to help them set intentions for their inner voice. It is linked to the god of Preservation (Vishnu), so some people submerge it in turmeric water for 24 hours before spiritual rituals.

Finding blue topaz in nature is rare. While some exist in Brazil, most blue topaz come from Texas.


Raw citrine

Citrine is one of November’s two birthstones, paired with topaz.

©Cobalt123 / CC BY-SA 2.0 – License

The reason that many Sagittarians thrive with citrine is because it scratches their creativity itch. It helps with motivation, abundance, and independence, which is why it is an essential companion for any adventure. Sagittarians have a proclivity for traveling, and any stone that paves the way a bit easier is an essential token to pack. The popularity of citrine rose greatly in 1912 when the Jewelers of America wanted to find an affordable option for November’s birthstone. While topaz was the original stone, citrine is easier on a budget.

Citrine helps you increase abundance and manifestation. While other stones work best when you wear them, citrine’s abilities thrive the best if you put them in your home. The southeast corner of our home is known as the wealth corner, which is where any crystal of abundance needs to be placed.

To find citrine naturally, you need to travel to Madagascar, Brazil, Spain, Russia, or Bolivia to have a chance. Unfortunately, this journey is fruitless for many people, which is why they turn to sourcing it from local mineral shows or gift shops. Citrine might be even harder to find at these shows – many citrines are no more than amethysts after heat treatment.


Close-up of natural gemstone polished blue-green labradorite mineral on brown polished marble slab.

Using a labradorite soothes the mind, bringing clarity to decisions and cognition.


For all of the talking that a Sagittarius does, there’s no better stone than a labradorite to center them. When Sagittarians experience the healing effects of labradorite, they start to feel calmer and more direct. Their imagination runs wild with focused attention on different ideas, which relieves their ever-active mind. If they are ready for a change, the confidence from the labradorite prepares them effectively for the challenges ahead.

Since the labradorite’s main place is in meditation, the best way to get its powerful effects is by wearing it. It doesn’t matter if they want to bring life changes or gather confidence – labradorite brings these benefits best when physically touching you.

Labradorite earned a reputation as being the gemstone of the Northern Lights. Something about the magical appearance and properties draw Sagittarians to it constantly. The easiest place to find labradorite is in igneous rock. Originally discovered on Paul Island (Canada), many people still harvest it in the northern country, as well as in Newfoundland.

Lapiz Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Blue stone Beautiful by nature For making ornaments.

Lapis lazuli has a special connection to the third-eye chakra, helping with mystical abilities and spiritual healing.

©Pesh Siri/

Many astrologers say that the best crystal for Sagittarius is lapis lazuli. This blue gemstone helps with self-awareness, which is an issue that Sagittarians need extreme help with. It supports their intuition, helping them to trust their actions and become more bold. It was even used for blue cosmetics in Ancient Egypt. Many people find that the use of lapis lazuli helps with strength and courage, which is why it was an essential mineral for royalty.

To help with these improvements to the mind, body, and spirit, wear it or place it where you plan to be. It works for the throat chakra as well, so pendants and other necklaces help you to get the healing benefits. Some people use it as a way to keep evil spirits and negative energy away.

Since its discovery in Afghanistan, people have kept looking for lapis lazuli in the country. It is one of the most consistent and long-standing sources of this rich mineral, and many of the commercially distributed lapis lazuli come from it. Some of these ancient deposits are still around, including Lake Baikal (Russia) and Chile.

Preparing the Gemstones for Sagittarius Use

Bowls of crystals, placed outside to charge.

A moon bath – leaving your crystals outside in the moonlight – charges them, restoring their healing properties with natural energy.

©nimbus186 / CC BY-SA 2.0 – License

To get the most support from all of these different gemstones, you need to start by charging them. Charging them is a process that increases the energetic properties. This process is primarily used by people who want to set intentions and manifest with their crystals.

There are multiple ways to charge gemstones, and they are all easy for anyone. Moon baths offer a simple and natural way to cleanse any energy from the crystals, allowing them to rest in the moonlight. Some people prefer to use a method called smudging, which uses smoldering sage or other herbs to clear bad energy. Putting gemstones with others that have cleansing properties – like selenite – clears their energy and charges them too.

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