11 Towns in Texas with the Cheapest Gas

Written by Justin Zipprich
Updated: October 28, 2023
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Key Points

  • The Valero in Porter, TX has the cheapest gas in Texas at $2.87 for regular-grade gas as of time of this writing.
  • Clear Lake, Texas has gas prices ranging from $2.93 to $4.03 depending on the grade as of time of this writing.
  • Cuero, Texas has a Circle K with gas prices as low as $2.85 for regular as of time of this writing.
  • Lubbock, Texas has a Phillips 66 with regular gas priced at $2.87 as of time of this writing.
  • The Circle K in Eastland, Texas offers regular gas for $2.89 as of time of this writing.

Although gas prices have leveled out a bit over the last couple of years, the cost continues to break the bank for some people. Many Americans are still looking for the best deal, and if you live in Texas, you have some great options. Let’s look at the 11 towns in Texas with the cheapest gas, as well as cool places you can go with your full tank. NOTE: These are the prices as of the time of this writing. Gas prices can fluctuate over time.

1. Porter, Texas

An impressive aerial view of St. Martha Catholic Church in Porter, Texas, showcasing its architectural beauty and surroundings

If you’re in Porter, TX, head to the Valero for great prices.


According to GasBuddy, of all the towns in Texas with the cheapest gas, the Valero in Porter, TX, has the most affordable cost at $2.87 for regular-grade gas as of this writing. The best, which is premium gas, will cost you $3.97. 

Go for the gas and stay in Porter for the awesome attractions, including Marsha’s Zoo, Speedsportz Racing Park, and Lake Houston Wilderness Park.

2. Clear Lake, Texas

View of Clear Lake, Texas

Head to the Circle K in Clear Lake, Texas for a great price and a great view!


In Clear Lake, you’ll find gas at around $3 at the Circle K. At this moment, gas will cost you $2.93 – $4.03, depending on if you’re getting regular, midgrade, or premium. The gas station itself has great reviews for having nice employees and tasty fountain drinks.

While in Clear Lake, check out the Kemah Boardwalk, Space Center Houston, and take a dip at Clear Lake Park.

3. Humble, Texas

The Bevil Jarrell Memorial Bridge across the San Jacinto River in Humble, Texas.

The Valero in Humble should be your next stop for affordable gas.

©Aaron Edrington/Shutterstock.com

As of today, the price for gas in Humble is about $3.39 if you go to the Valero on 1st Street and pay for regular. It’s not the cheapest price on the list, but it’s still affordable, considering the national average. 

A trip to Humble is incomplete without visiting the Humble Museum, Old MacDonald’s Farm, and playing golf at Tour 18 Golf Course.

4. Cuero, Texas

Sunset as Sunny the horse poses for her photo shoot on the Texas hill country prairie with blue flowers and golden shimmer off her coat

Cuero, Texas is a great town that also has excellent gas prices.

©Roschetzky Photography/Shutterstock.com

Head out to the Circle K in Cuerto, TX, and you could get gas for as low as $2.85 for regular. Premium will cost you just over $4. This Circle K has great reviews for being clean, easy, and having friendly employees.

While in Cuero, you can get educated at the Chisholm Trail Museum or the Pharmacy and Medical Museum of Texas. Then, bring the kids and hang out at Cuero Municipal Park.

5. Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock - Cityscape with white abstract line corner curve modern style on dark blue background, building skyline city vector illustration design

Lubbock is a small town with some great museums.

©ananaline/iStock via Getty Images

If you’re in the Lubbock area, then stop by the Phillips 66 on 50th Street, and you may find regular gas for as low as $2.87 for regular gas. The gas station is also famous for its donuts, good prices, and helpful employees.

Lubbock is also home to the famous Buddy Holly Center as well as the Museum of Texas Tech, the American Windmill Museum, and other awesome attractions.

6. Eastland, Texas

Eastland. Texas. USA

Head to the Alon gas station in Eastland, Texas for good prices and friendly service.


In Eastland, you can stop by the Alon gas station and pay $2.89 per gallon for regular, $3.49 for midgrade, and $3.79 for premium. While there, you can check out the clean restrooms, the fast pumps, and the easy access from the freeway.

Eastland is also a great place to catch wonderful shows at the Majestic Theater and then have a beverage at the Bear Creek Taphouse. 

7. Conroe, Texas

Conroe. Texas. USA on a geography map

Conroe is home to a Valero gas station with awesome prices.


If you’re passing by Conroe, make your way to the Valero at 9895 SH-242 Street and get regular gas for around $2.89 for regular, $3.64 for midgrade, and $3.99 for premium. Reviewers say the station is clean and quick.

In addition to being one of the towns in Texas with the cheapest gas, Conroe is also a great place to check out musicals at the Owen and Crighton Theaters. The Southern Star Brewing Company is also worth a visit.

8. Houston, Texas

Houston map

Go to Houston for the gas but stay for the great culture.

©zimmytws/iStock via Getty Images

While not every gas station in Houston will be as affordable, if you stop by the Circle K on 2230 FM-1960 W street, you can expect to get a deal for a gallon of regular at around $3.20, $3.65 for midgrade, and $4.00 for premium. Reviews praised the cleanliness of the store, but some complained that it was out of diesel.

Houston is a big town with a lot of character, and you can try everything from visiting the city zoo and the aquarium to checking out a baseball game at Minute Maid Park.

9. Deer Park, Texas

Aerial view of water tower in Deer Park, Texas

Deer Park has a lot of great history and a Valero with great gas prices.

©Lucio Vasquez/Shutterstock.com

Folks living in Deer Park can stop by the Valero on Center St. and fill up their tank with regular gas at $2.91 per gallon as of 9/1/2023. Midgrade will cost you $3.64, and the premium will be $3.99. It’s a small gas station, but worth the trip.

While you’re in Deer Park, stop by the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site to learn about the history of the area. Then, catch a flick at the famous Cinemark Hollywood Pasadena theater.

10. Stafford, Texas

Stafford. Texas. USA

Check out the Circle K in Stafford for a well-stocked and affordable Circle K gas station.


Head straight for Stafford and make your way to the Circle K for regular gas at about $2.91 per gallon. Kick it up a notch to midgrade for $3.36 or premium for $3.71. Customers say the gas station is also well-stocked and that it has friendly staff and great breakfast options.

Stafford has a lot of fun activities for the kids, including the Urban Air Trampoline Park and Main Event Stafford, which has tons of fun games and great food.

11. Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, USA skyline over Dealey Plaza

Dallas is a great town to visit and buy your gas.

©Sean Pavone/iStock via Getty Images

Finally, if you’re in Dallas, head to the Exxon on Riverfront Blvd, and you can get regular gas for about $3.39, midgrade for $3.79, and premium for $4.19. Exxon offers great gas and friendly service.

Dallas is also a fun town. There are unique attractions here that you won’t find anywhere else, like the John F. Kennedy Trolley Tour, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, and Klyde Warren Park.


These great towns in Texas have top-notch businesses with the cheapest gas. Stop for the fuel and head inside to see what else you may discover.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/rarrarorro

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