7 Towns With the Cheapest Gas in Maine

Written by Carrie Woodward
Updated: November 2, 2023
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You want to spend your money on what you care most about. Buying gas is probably not on your list of passions! When you are traveling or living in the New England state of Maine, finding the most affordable places to buy fuel helps you fill up less and meet financial goals.

Refuel cars at the fuel pump. The driver hands, refuel and pump the car's gasoline with fuel at the petrol station. Car refueling at a gas station Gas station

Finding the cheapest gas in Maine will help you save your money to spend on the things you are passionate about.


About Maine 

First, let’s talk about the state of Maine. Maine is the northernmost and largest state in New England, in the northeastern part of the United States. It is known for its gorgeous fall foliage, coastal cities, seafood, and beautiful natural landscapes. Every year, visitors and residents alike enjoy Maine’s iconic parks, delicious lobster, historic lighthouses, quaint towns, and all that the state has to offer. Maine is bordered by Canada’s provinces Quebec and New Brunswick to the northwest and northeast and bordered to its southwest by New Hampshire. The eastern part of the state is a rocky and dramatic coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. 

Maine is also the least-populated state east of the Mississippi River. In fact, the majority of its total land area is covered by dense forests. The state’s economy depends on services, industry, fishing, forestry, mining, and agriculture. However, this state also goes by the nickname “Vacationland,” representing its gorgeous beaches, tall mountains, mouthwatering cuisine, and rural retreats for visitors and residents to escape to for rest and relaxation. 

While gas prices fluctuate quite frequently, some of the least expensive places can be found in these towns in Maine.

Towns with the Cheapest Gas in Maine

Do you want to take a road trip through New England and take a trip through Maine? If so, you will want to find the towns in Maine that have the cheapest gas. These will be the places where you can refill your gas tank and make a pit stop for the snacks and drinks that power you through your entire journey. We know that the budget-conscious traveler may seek out the places where you can get the most bang for your buck — or gas for your dollar. To help you out, this article rounds up a list of the top seven towns where you can buy cheap gas in Maine. Let’s jump in to discover these places now!

Please note: Gas prices change often. While these were the cheapest places to buy gas when the article was written, you can check for possible updates here.

1. Buxton

First off, stop by the Panda Market or Buxton Mini Mart in Buxton to buy some of the cheapest gas in Maine! Buxton is part of the wider Portland metropolitan area, located in the southeastern part of the state. This small town in York County is comprised of several villages: Salmon Falls/Tory Hill, Chicopee, Groveville, Bar Mills, West Buxton, and Buxton Center. This town is small, with Buxton having a population of about 8,300 in 2020. 

 Hiking the trails in Buxton Maine

Buxton Maine offers plenty of hiking trails to enjoy the Maine wilderness.

©Pictures by Gerald/Shutterstock.com

2. Auburn

Next, find the cheapest gas in Maine on a visit to Auburn. Auburn is in the south-central part of the state. This city is the county seat of Androscoggin County. Auburn and its sister city of Lewiston are known by Maine locals as the “Twin Cities” or as “Lewiston-Auburn.” The two are divided by the Androscoggin River. However, you can walk beside the river and enjoy the Auburn Riverwalk, a mile-long paved path that starts next to Great Falls in Auburn and crosses a bridge over the river to Simard-Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston. At the 2020 census, there were just over 24,000 residents of Auburn.

Great Falls in the Maine cities of Lewiston and Auburn on a fall day.

The Androscoggin River divides Auburn and its “twin city” of Lewiston, and visitors can walk a path starting at Great Falls in Auburn.

©Aaron Louis Arnesto/Shutterstock.com

3. Richmond

On your quest to find the cheapest gas in Maine, stop by Richmond. The tiny town of Richmond, Maine is in Sagadahoc County. It is part of the Portland metropolitan area and sits at the head of Merrymeeting Bay. This tiny town had a population of only 3,522 at the 2020 census. Originally known for industries like shipbuilding and shoemaking, Richmond is now known for being home to the Steve Powell Wildlife Management Area on Swan Island. Swan Island is on the National Register of Historic Places and attracts many wildlife tourists to the area every year, especially during the warmer summer months. 

Bath is a city of Sagadahoc county in southwestern Maine, U.S. The city lies along the Kennebec River to Atlantic coast.

Sagadahoc County is home to both Richmond and Bath, small towns in Maine.

©Burcu Ergin/Shutterstock.com

4. Augusta

Next up on the list is Augusta, the capital city of Maine. Augusta sits in the southeastern part of the state in Kennebec County. This beautiful and historic city is full of beautiful old architecture, wonderful restaurants, museums, and many other cultural attractions to enjoy. Despite being a small city of only about 18,000 people as of the 2020 census, Augusta is well worth a stop on your journey. The city offers many different family-friendly attractions and activities, including walking and biking trails, the Children’s Discovery Museum, many outdoor activities, and several historic sites that give visitors a glimpse into the city’s history. 

Augusta, Maine, USA

Augusta, Maine is the capital city of Maine and sits beside the Kennebec River.

©SeanPavonePhoto/ via Getty Images

5. Livermore

The smallest town on this list is Livermore, Maine. Livermore is a town in Androscoggin County, formerly in Oxford County. Livermore sits in the south-central part of the state and is part of the Lewiston-Auburn metropolitan area. With a population of only 2,127 at the 2020 United States Census, Livermore is a quiet, rural town. Many people have lived there for their entire lives. While the town may not have a lot to offer in the way of attractions or nightlife, it has plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and adventure. 

Pontook Reservoir on the Androscoggin River in autumn. Dummer. Coos County. New Hampshire. USA

Livermore, in Androscoggin County, Maine is a great place to see fall colors that make the hills look like they have caught on fire.


6. Scarborough

Next is the town of Scarborough, Maine, a town of about 20,000 in Cumberland County on the southern coast of the U.S. state of Maine. Scarborough sits only about 7 miles away from the much bigger city of Portland and calls itself “a vibrant place to live, work, and recreate for all ages.” This town consists of natural landscapes, neighborhoods, businesses, and much more.

Aerial view of colorful autumn foliage over the Scarborough Beach State Park near Portland, Maine, United States

Scarborough State Park has a beautiful beach just about seven miles outside of Portland.


7. Portland

Last but certainly not least is the city of Portland! Portland is a vibrant city and certainly one of the most fun and exciting cities in Maine. The city of Portland is part of Cumberland County and is the county seat. Portland also takes the prize for being the largest city in the entire state! This thriving coastal city combines artistic vibes, outdoor adventure, and a famous food scene, making it a tourist destination beloved by residents too.

In comparison to the other small towns and cities on this list, Portland seems like a gigantic metropolis with a population of more than 68,000. This town should make your list as both a great place for a pit stop and a location to stay in a little longer! 

Portland, Maine, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.

Portland, Maine is the biggest city in the state and a vibrant site for culture and food.

©Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.com

In Conclusion

Make your way up to Maine to enjoy all that this diverse state has to offer! From state parks to coastal cities and forested drives, Maine has ample scenery and attractions to enjoy. Make a stop at one of the seven towns listed above to find the cheapest gas in Maine. Then continue your way on a journey or stay a little longer to explore one of the many other charming communities dotted across the “Vacationland” state!

Summary of 7 Towns With the Cheapest Gas in Maine

Summary Table 7 Towns With the Cheapest Gas in Maine

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