7 Towns with the Cheapest Gas in South Carolina

Written by Alyssa Shea
Updated: October 18, 2023
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Whether you’re just traveling through the state or happen to live here, it’s crucial to know how much gas costs in the state. Planning ahead means you might save some money at the pump! Let’s check out which town in South Carolina has the cheapest gas.

What Affects the Gas Prices in South Carolina?

You might notice that South Carolina consistently has low gas prices compared to the rest of the country. This is primarily due to lawmakers making an effort to control the price through taxes. Southern states are also closer to America’s oil-refining center along the Gulf Coast, so their distribution costs are lower since they don’t have to travel very far. Besides that, there is also competition between gas stations to keep in mind.

south carolina on the map

Lawmakers passed a bill in 2017 that will slowly increase the cost of gas by 2 cents per year for six years.

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1. Walhalla — Shell $2.78

The city of Walhalla sits in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina. The name of the town came from the Germans who founded it in 1850. The name translates to Garden of the Gods, which is very fitting, given the beautiful scenery! There are many families that live here, but the area still offers a very sparse suburban feeling. The area has numerous waterfalls but is near minor faultlines, so expect small and infrequent earthquakes.

Aerial shot of a beautiful landscape with the Lake Jocassee in South Carolina

An aerial shot in Walhalla with Lake Jocassee in South Carolina.

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2. Columbia — Murphy Express $2.79

If you find yourself in Columbia, South Carolina, you might wonder how it got its name. This town is the first city in the U.S. to be named for Christopher Columbus. Home to the University of South Carolina, this bustling area is popular with college students. It’s called the “Soda City” thanks to its numerous soda fountains and being the hub of the soft drink industry. Plenty of families settle down in the area, and it’s a common area to stop in while traveling.

Congaree National Park is a popular tourist destination located in Columbia, South Carolina.


3. Florence — Exxon $2.79

Due to its location, the popularity of travelers using U.S. Highway 301 in the 1950s through the early 1970s was relatively high. Many people still stop here thanks to its midpoint location between New York and Miami. The downtown area of the city has been thoroughly revitalized, too. Travelers enjoy learning about the local Native American heritage and exploring the swampland. Many families and young professionals choose to live in this city!

Florence, SC, Highway Sign

Florence was originally founded in the 1850s as a railroad hub.

©Darwin Brandis/iStock via Getty Images

4. Anderson — Spinx $2.80

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Anderson has a unique nickname of the “Electric City.” The reason is due to its pioneering use of hydroelectric power! They were the first cities to employ the use of long-distance cables to carry the power generated from their hydroelectric power plants. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, and camping in the area. Also, Anderson has the most farms in the state, with an astounding 8,910 farms!

Hiker girl sitting on a cliff edge enjoying scenic summer view. Woman relaxing on top of autumn mountain, over the clouds. Blue Ridge Parkway ,near Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

There are plenty of trails to choose from if you want to go for a hike into the Blue Ridge Mountains from Anderson, South Carolina.


5. Charleston — Dodge’s Store $2.87

Charleston is full of rich history. It’s a trendy tourist destination with over 7 million tourists annually! It’s called the “Holy City” because of the numerous churches dotted around the city. You might be surprised to find over 400 church steeples that decorate the skyline! The abundance of southern charm, historic landmarks, and lively arts and entertainment continues to draw crowds. Plenty of people choose to live here, and the city continues to make the cut on lists of fastest-growing U.S. cities.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA skyline over the Ashley River.

South Carolina continues to be a popular retirement destination.

©Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.com

6. Goose Creek — Walmart $2.88

Is Goose Creek on your list when it comes to travel plans? The name is thought to come from the unusual waterways that run through the area and their frequent sharp curves that look similar to a goose’s neck. It’s a popular military town, so the area sees a lot of movement. There are also plenty of agricultural businesses that drive business, too.

United States Navy flag

You will find the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek.

©iStock.com/mirza kadic

7. North Charleston — Circle K $2.89

The heart of North Charleston has many retail and different commercial businesses. In fact, it’s considered to be at the top of the list in the state for retail sales! Another military installation, Joint Base Charleston, is located in this city. This area is also thriving when it comes to real estate, too. A downside is that this city is known for its crime rate. Its higher-than-average rates of both property and violent crime have created a less-than-ideal environment for citizens.

View of Interstate 526 Bridge in North Charleston, South Carolin

North Charleston is the only city in the nation producing commercial airplanes and automobiles.

©brookebecker/iStock via Getty Images

Summary of the 7 Towns with the Cheapest Gas in South Carolina

6Goose Creek$2.88
7North Charleston$2.89

The photo featured at the top of this post is © rarrarorro/Shutterstock.com

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