6 Towns With the Cheapest Gas in Tennessee

Written by Shreya Agrawal
Published: October 8, 2023
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Tennessee, known for its rich musical heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, is a state that has a unique blend of culture and natural beauty. One way to enhance the experience of exploring the Volunteer State is by going to cheap gas stations as fuel costs can significantly impact the affordability of road trips and daily commuting.

In this article, we will highlight the top six towns in Tennessee where you can find the cheapest gasoline.

1. Chattanooga – Kwik Trip

Aerial of Chattanooga Tennessee TN Skyline

Aerial of Chattanooga Tennessee TN Skyline

©Kruck20/iStock via Getty Images

Chattanooga, situated in southeastern Tennessee, has a beautiful riverfront and a thriving arts scene. Kwik Trip, a convenience store and fuel station chain, has some of the lowest gasoline prices in the area.

Regular Gas Price: $2.86 per gallon at Kwik Trip.

Kwik Trip’s competitive pricing strategy makes it an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers. Furthermore, the presence of multiple Kwik Trip locations in Chattanooga ensures accessibility for residents and visitors. Finally, lower gasoline prices at Kwik Trip can positively impact the budgets of Chattanooga’s residents, particularly those who commute regularly.

2. Athens – Murphy USA

Old, Color Map of South Eastern States, From 1800's

Color image of an old map of the South Eastern (United) States, from the 1800’s.

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Athens, a picturesque town in southeastern Tennessee, has a small-town charm that attracts both residents and tourists. Murphy USA, a retail gasoline and convenience store chain, provides the most competitive gasoline prices in Athens.

Regular Gas Price: $2.89 per gallon at Murphy USA.

Murphy USA strategically places its fuel stations near larger retail stores, making it a convenient choice for shoppers. Murphy USA also often offers discounts on gasoline purchases when using their affiliated retail store’s loyalty cards. Thus, affordable gasoline prices at Murphy USA benefit Athens’ residents and provide savings for families and businesses.

3. Clarksville – Dodge’s Store

Aerial View over the Buildings and Infrastructure in Clarksville Tennessee

An old railroad trestle has been made into a pedestrian walkway in Clarksville TN

©ChrisBoswell/iStock via Getty Images

Clarksville, a vibrant city in northern Tennessee, is home to Fort Campbell and has a growing community. Dodge’s Store, a convenience store chain with fuel stations, offers the most competitive gasoline prices in the area.

Regular Gas Price: $2.89 per gallon at Dodge’s Store.

Dodge’s Store maintains competitive fuel prices to attract and retain customers. Fort Campbell’s proximity to Clarksville means that Dodge’s Store may offer discounts or incentives for military personnel. Thus, affordable gasoline prices at Dodge’s Store contribute to cost savings for Clarksville’s diverse population, especially military families.

4. Knoxville – Sam’s Club

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Downtown Skyline Aerial

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Downtown Skyline Aerial.

©Kruck20/iStock via Getty Images

The city of Knoxville, nestled in the scenic Great Smoky Mountains, is the third-largest city in Tennessee. Sam’s Club, a membership-based retail store chain, provides members with the lowest gasoline prices in Knoxville.

Regular Gas Price: $2.89 per gallon at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club members can take advantage of bulk buying power, which translates to lower gasoline prices as well as lower prices on other items. Sam’s Club has multiple locations in Knoxville, which makes things very convenient for residents. Thus, affordable fuel prices at Sam’s Club can provide financial relief to Knoxville’s residents, especially those with long commutes.

5. Farragut – Costco

Tennessee River

A view from The Cove at Concord Park, Farragut, on the banks of the Tennessee River.

©Melinda Fawver/iStock via Getty Images

Farragut, a suburb of Knoxville, is famous for its excellent schools and family-friendly atmosphere. Costco, a membership-based retail store chain, has competitive gasoline prices for its members in Farragut.

Regular Gas Price: $2.91 per gallon at Costco.

Costco members can access cost-effective gasoline pricing through their memberships. Costco is also known for its high-quality fuels, providing peace of mind to consumers. Thus, affordable gasoline prices at Costco help Farragut’s families manage their budgets, whether for daily commutes or recreational trips.

6. Memphis – Sam’s Club

Memphis Tennessee Skyline

Memphis, Tennessee, USA downtown skyline.

©Sean Pavone/iStock via Getty Images

The city of Memphis, located in southwestern Tennessee, is famous for its rich musical heritage, barbecue cuisine, and cultural attractions. Sam’s Club has multiple locations in the city, and offers the most competitive gasoline prices to its members in Memphis.

Regular Gas Price: $2.94 per gallon at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club’s membership-based pricing model ensures that members can access lower gasoline prices. The presence of multiple Sam’s Club locations in Memphis also makes cheap fuel accessible for residents. Thus, affordable gasoline prices at Sam’s Club provide budget relief for Memphis residents, enabling them to spend more money exploring the city’s attractions and culinary delights and less on fueling.

What Affects Gas Prices in Tennessee?

Gas prices in Tennessee, like in other parts of the United States, are influenced by a complex interplay of various factors. Here are the key factors that influence gas prices in Tennessee:

Crude Oil Prices

The most significant factor affecting gasoline prices in Tennessee and the country is the cost of crude oil. Crude oil is the raw material from which gasoline is refined. Fluctuations in global crude oil prices, driven by geopolitical events, supply and demand dynamics and economic factors, have a direct impact on the price of gasoline at the pump.

Refining Costs

Tennessee has a limited number of oil refineries, which means that a significant portion of the state’s gasoline is imported from refineries located in other regions. The cost of refining, transporting, and distributing gasoline to Tennessee can influence prices. Refinery maintenance, upgrades, or disruptions can also affect supply and prices.

Distribution Costs

The transportation and distribution of gasoline from refineries to local gas stations involve costs related to logistics, infrastructure, and distance. Gasoline prices may vary in different regions of Tennessee due to variations in distribution costs.


State and local taxes play a crucial role in determining gasoline prices. Tennessee has relatively low state gasoline taxes compared to some other states, which can help keep prices lower. However, local taxes may vary.

Oil field site, in the evening, oil pumps are running, The oil pump and the beautiful sunset reflected in the water

Oil field site, in the evening, oil pumps are running, The oil pump and the beautiful sunset reflected in the water, the silhouette of the beam pumping unit in the evening.

©zhengzaishuru/iStock via Getty Images

Market Competition

The level of competition among gas stations can influence prices. In areas with limited competition between gas stations, prices may be higher.

Supply and Demand

Fluctuations in gasoline supply and demand can lead to price changes. Natural disasters and change in seasons can also affect the prices at the pump.

Exchange Rates

Exchange rate fluctuations between the U.S. dollar and other currencies can impact the cost of imported oil and, consequently, gasoline prices at the pump.

Environmental Regulations

Some parts of Tennessee have environmental regulations that require the use of cleaner-burning gasoline formulations, particularly in urban areas with air quality concerns. These formulations can be more expensive to produce.

Economic Factors

The overall health of the economy can influence gasoline prices. During periods of economic growth, demand for gasoline tends to rise, potentially leading to higher prices.


Tennessee is a popular tourist destination, particularly cities like Nashville and Gatlinburg. Peaks in tourism can lead to increased gasoline demand, potentially affecting prices in tourist-heavy areas.

Alternative Fuels

Finally, the availability and use of alternative fuels, such as electric vehicles and natural gas, can influence gasoline demand and prices. As the adoption of alternative fuels grows, it may impact gasoline prices over time.

While these factors collectively shape gasoline prices in Tennessee, it’s important to note that they can be dynamic and subject to change.

Final Thoughts

Tennessee’s diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and cultural richness make it an exciting destination for residents and visitors. But often, high fuel prices can turn away some people from exploring all they want to explore. While gasoline prices in the state can fluctuate, individuals can find pockets of affordability in towns like Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis. By understanding the dynamics associated with gas prices, travelers and residents can make informed choices that allow them to explore the state’s beauty and culture without straining their budgets.

Summary of 6 Towns With the Cheapest Gas in Tennessee

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