Two Huge Hippos Battle for Dominance Right On a Golf Course With Players Watching

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: June 16, 2023
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Despite being absolutely adorable, hippos are some of the wild’s most violent and aggressive animals! The way they proclaim their territory is interesting, to say the least. Hippos defecate by swishing their tails back and forth, dispersing their waste similar to a garden spreader. The ensuing smacking sound helps establish territory by resonating downstream to nearby hippos.

Since they will quickly protect their area in the water and on land, hippos have a reputation for being hostile animals. They won’t stand for anyone getting in their way and will attack and sink boats. If anybody tries to interfere with a female’s relationship with her young, she will become very defensive and angry. 

All Bets Par Off

A group of golfers had a unique experience on the green when two hippos started fighting in a nearby pond. The fight became so intense, the sportsmen stopped their game, walked closer to the water, and couldn’t take their eyes off the massive beasts. 

Two huge hippos fighting with each other in the pond, Masai Mara
It’s common for male hippos, or bulls, to fight over land.


Despite being a gregarious animal, there is only one dominant male in each bloat of 10 to 30 hippos. The residing male will defend his supremacy over his region if another male tries to establish control. 

The proximity of these golfers to these hippo bulls might have been highly dangerous if the animals hadn’t been diverted by one another. In any case, they shouldn’t have been this close.

Stay Out of My Swamp!

The battle probably started because one of the hippos had taken possession of the golf course pond and another male came to confront him. When this happens, the two creatures fight, but not with the intention of killing each other. 

Because these fights do get so intense, the conflicts might occasionally result in fatalities. Even though both hippos escape, they do so not without suffering a fair amount of battle scars.

The participants will stand face-to-face, assess each other, and yell as loudly as they can in the other hippo’s face to start a fight. The animals will expand their jaws to 150 degrees in a show of dominance, exposing his rows of jagged, pointy teeth and his massive tusks.

The conflict starts if neither side submits.  The average hippo weighs about 3,500 pounds. The hippos clash heads and swipe at each other with their tusks and teeth in a bid to knock their opponent out cold.

A bite with 1,800 pounds of pressure would be delivered to the other if neither of them was able to seal their jaws. A hippo’s bite can be more than powerful enough to sever a person in half with just one chomp, although not as powerful as a crocodile’s.

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