Two Lucky Fisherman Hook a Fish the Size of a Sumo Wrestler

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 22, 2023
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This is one unforgettable fishing trip! These fishermen manage to catch two incredible fish, an arowana weighing around six pounds and a massive arapaima weighing a huge 350 pounds. Let’s see how they managed it.

Epic Guyana Fishing Trip

This is an edited video of a fishing expedition by some US fishermen, braving the South American heat to tackle some remarkable fishing locations. In a small canoe and assisted by their expert local guide, Titus, they set off in search of fish.

The video starts with one fisherman casting his line several times and clearly enjoying the experience of fishing in this incredible location. The first fish to be caught is an arowana that is brought onto the boat and then released. The arowana is a native fish of South America and can grow to 25 pounds in weight so this was a small specimen. The platinum arowanas have large, beautiful shimmering scales and are known as exotic aquarium fish. You need a permit to own one in the US and they can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! They are sometimes called monkey fish because they leap out of the water to catch insects.

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Arowana are native to South America


A Huge Arapaima

Around five minutes in, the real excitement starts. A fish is on the line and it is so big that it almost snatches the rod from the fisherman’s hands. It takes loads of physical effort and a lot of skill to reel it in. Titus, the guide, pulls the boat backwards but the fish keeps heading for the protection of the overhanging branches. Then, the fish breaks the surface and in the slow motion replay we get to see how truly huge it is!

There are concerns that it is going to leap into the canoe and Titus estimates that it is around 350 pounds in weight. This fish continues to thrash around and is not at all pleased to be caught. Eventually, it is subdued enough and on a short enough line to be lifted. To do this, Titus steers the boat into the shallow water, jumps into the lagoon and tries to grasp the fish. It eventually takes two of them to catch it and as they hold it up it is clear that it is a magnificent animal.

Arapaima are native to South America and are one of the largest freshwater fish on the planet. They can grow to nearly 500 pounds and can breathe air. We get a perfect view of the distinctive red scales which is why it is called the ‘red fish’ or Pirarucu and then this magnificent fish is carefully released.

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Arapaima (Sudis gigas), also known as the pirarucu
© Tatiana Belova/

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